Is the Librem 16 cancelled?

Hi, need a new laptop and was waiting to see what the Librem 16 offered. I saw the email from a while back saying the Librem 16 was expected this year. Has it been cancelled and I missed the news? If so, I’ll consider other options. Thank you


No further news since that investment email, so I suspect it will appear in 2024. It will likely be the successor to the Librem 15.

Best to ask Purism.

If the release of the Librem 16 is some way off then they probably won’t be willing to comment but if it’s imminent, you might get an answer.


The Librem 16 remains under active development.


Great. Been in the market for a 16" for a couple months now, do you have any estimate JCS of when it may surface?

Any exciting specs to bring a secure laptop with more modern features, there are many but high quality screen (OLED) and DDR5 RAM and PCIe v5 and Ethernet 2.5G come to mind as a start :slight_smile: