Is ugrade to pureOS10 working again?

I was on PureOS 10 but after installing upgrade 2 weeks ago it won’t boot anymore. So I’m now back on PureOS9.

Is it possible to upgrade again to 10 or still issues ?

You cannot completely upgrade yet, at least not without some fiddling, as I reported in another topic:

EDIT: on second thought, the post I linked to refers to updating from a previous state of Byzantium, with some packages of Gnome 3.36 and lots of other packages updates from Byzantium already installed. I’m not sure the approach of selecting only some packages would work with Amber as your starting state.


Right. The byzantium repo appears to be in a conflicting state at the moment (see discussion in Pureos rolling release . I’m not sure doing an automatic update from amber would even work right now. it could if you carefully select packages. But it’s probably better to hold it off until this is fixed.


The previous issues are resolved. However, there’s no guarantee that Byzantium won’t have issues until it moves to “stable”. Not sure when that will be but it is possible that it might happen in 2020.

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