Issues with Clocks app

I have two issues with the Clocks app:

  1. When alarm is ringing and the display is locked, one must first unlock the display to end the alarms noise.

  2. When I change an existing alarm, for example its scheduled time,
    the field for the alarms Name gets cleared.

Where to file such bugs to track them?

Already discussed: Librem 5 — painpoint assessment 2021 and following posts (in a topic that admittedly is discussing a multitude of different things).

You apply for an account to be able to create new Issues. It was a while ago that I did mine but I think go here: and Click “Register”.

I have already an account there. My question was more if this should be filed with Purism or upstream with Gnome?

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I would file with Purism. On average, a user can’t be expected to know how the pieces work together and hence where the one or more code changes need to be. An Issue filed with Purism ensures that there need be only one report of a given issue and gives everyone something to track for progress.


I created two issues: