I've got my Librem 5. What should I install on it? :)

I’m not talking about VNC’ing into the L5, but using a VNC viewer on the phone to view other computers.

This has been one of the main ways I’ve broken the bands of technology personally. Now, when I look at a device to use for work, I can focus on things that matter, like battery life, form factor and portability, durability, etc. I then don’t need to check if the cpu supports virtualization, if I have enough ram for VMs, etc.

If the device I’m using supports SSH, tunneling, and VNC viewers then I can access whatever computer I need remotely, and work regardless of the device I’m using.

It isn’t fun trying to work on code on a tiny android phone, but when it needs to be done, you’ll find, you’ll use just about anything.


What problem and what solution? I know the L5 is thick, but I was unaware of it being really considered a problem and there being a special solution for it.


I’ve got a question, can you encrypt the disk?


Thanks everyone! Got a big list of stuff I’m trying out over the weekend. I’ll get some pictures and video clips up.

This is fun. :slight_smile:


Please test an email program like tinymail, evolution or thunderbird.
Thanks in advance.

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In the below post, you can read :

So, for the hardware/design team, this must have been a problem or it wouldn’t take this chamfers form.

Now I have seen the shape in the videos, the bevelled shape with chamfers is very interesting because it does not shock the eye. With a more “square” design, the thickness could be obvious.

I hope you understand now.


@BryanLunduke Could you maybe edit your first post to include the link to where the pictures/video are posted? Thank you :blush:


@BryanLunduke Thanks for posting. We’re excited to see how your weekend faired :slight_smile:


Maybe things will be posted either here:

or here:

But that’s just me guessing, hopefully Bryan will tell us where to look. Meanwhile, I’ll continue salivating and checking the above links every 5 minutes or so. :smile:

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The FairPhone has a plastic back cover too.

Can you install the Tor-Browser?


Maybe something will land on his LBRY channel?

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Let us know what kind of password manager if you put one on.

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I figure most of the productivity apps already work like email, messaging, notes, e.c.t.
Therefore, I redirect my post to the field of entertainment.

I am currently only aware of one gaming app where the developers have (somewhat?) supported GNU/Linux Mobile and that is the kart racing game Super Tux Kart !

Personally, I would love to see more effort to port games like Minetest, Gloomy Dungeons, and even TeeWorlds to GNU/Linux mobile as they already support Android (+ free software).

Besides that, I would really appreciate a run down of the GNOME and KDE applications.
Especially the GNOME Games Community. Basically, what works and what doesn’t. : )

Secondly, I would appreciate an overlook of watching TV/movies on the Librem 5.
Considering no DRM would be present, Netflix and Hulu are probably a no-show to start.

Besides that, I think the FreeTube developers would appreciate a rundown as well:

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What about Plex for those of us with private libraries? Is that a thing for the Librem 5?

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The mail app, Geary, seems not to be ready.
It’s not installed on the OS image.

Geekbench 3 will like to see the benchmark

I would suggest Stellarium.

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