I've got my Librem 5. What should I install on it? :)


The FairPhone has a plastic back cover too.


Can you install the Tor-Browser?


Maybe something will land on his LBRY channel?


Let us know what kind of password manager if you put one on.


I figure most of the productivity apps already work like email, messaging, notes, e.c.t.
Therefore, I redirect my post to the field of entertainment.

I am currently only aware of one gaming app where the developers have (somewhat?) supported GNU/Linux Mobile and that is the kart racing game Super Tux Kart !

Personally, I would love to see more effort to port games like Minetest, Gloomy Dungeons, and even TeeWorlds to GNU/Linux mobile as they already support Android (+ free software).

Besides that, I would really appreciate a run down of the GNOME and KDE applications.
Especially the GNOME Games Community. Basically, what works and what doesn’t. : )


Secondly, I would appreciate an overlook of watching TV/movies on the Librem 5.
Considering no DRM would be present, Netflix and Hulu are probably a no-show to start.

Besides that, I think the FreeTube developers would appreciate a rundown as well:


What about Plex for those of us with private libraries? Is that a thing for the Librem 5?




The mail app, Geary, seems not to be ready.
It’s not installed on the OS image.


Geekbench 3 will like to see the benchmark


I would suggest Stellarium.


Here is one photo:

Edit: This was posted hours ago, but for some reason the forum put my account on hold


Would love to see how this game plays on the Librem 5.
The plan is to get it on the phone as soon as I get mine.


@BryanLunduke hi Bryan and thank you for taking the time to keep us “in-the-know” regarding your early experience. it is much appreciated!

could you maybe share your experience with a connected docking-station to get a feel for an-early-experience of the-converging-on-convergeance that TW was talking about in the blog ? maybe with an external monitor if possible ?

i’m very interested in how easy/direct and well implemented the GUI for connecting to the variorious networks (wired/wireless/bt/cellular/tethering/etc) is …

in Europe many people use PPPOE-dsl-broadband for internet. this has been traditionally difficult to connect to on the desktop side using a GUI and the only way i know of to do it from a CLI way is to use the - sudo pppoeconf - which doesn’t work anymore in the newer linux-kernel so i’d be interested in knowing if an RJ-45 port on the docking-station would allow me to use the L5 as a computer ?

i know you said just “apps” for now but i’m just curious …

keep up the good work !


A photo of a call



As long as it doesn’t run DOOM I don’t believe it runs anyway :wink:


TempleOS on qemu… somebody has to do it…


I am a little sad no one has asked for Crysis to be installed. The world has to know if it can run Crysis (even if it’s via Steam/Proton)


Would Quake II be an acceptable substitute?


Given that Crysis is not an ARM program, I’m gonna go with no, not well enough to work… Yeah qemu-static-x86_64 would let it ‘run’, but you probably want more than 1fps.