iWork File Compatibility with LibreOffice

What is the secret to opening iWork files (.pages .numbers .keynote) with LibreOffice in PureOS?

Other posts in this forum and elsewhere have suggested zipping/unzipping, installing libetonyek packages, using sketchy online services, and exporting from iWork to MS Office formats.

A post started by @Ralf (Open pages files in libre office) specifically addressed how to get images to appear properly in documents, but I’m not that far along; I can’t even open iWork files. Well, not all of them. Ones that appear in my file manager as zip files open just fine. However, most appear as file folders and can’t be opened at all with LibreOffice. I have tried the zip/unzip technique and installed the three libetonyek packages to no avail.

Screenshot from 2022-04-23 19-29-52

My hope is that given LibreOffice’s supposed support of iWork files since v5 (I have v7.0.4.2) on PureOS , I should be able to simply open the files directly from LibreOffice.

Is there another solution I haven’t listed? Is this problem universal to PureOS or Debian-based distros?

I should note that I am a new GNU/Linux user (PureOS is my first). Getting these files to work is key to me encouraging my wife to ditch Apple. :wink:

If your iOS is still running, you can go into iWorks and export your documents into zip files. I know this is tedious to do for each document, but it works, as you have noticed already. Opening these iOS created zip files in Libre Office seems to work best.