Keyboard compatibility with SeaBIOS on the Librem-Mini

Continuing the discussion from Qubes on Librem Mini:

i-aye sir ! that’s why troubleshooting is so fun …


@MrChromebox @joao.azevedo < it’s probably better if we do this in PUBLIC since that way other people can see it and potentially benefit … maybe if somebody has the same issue or has already had it and fixed it please feel free to jump in !

what now ?

so at this point, you have PureOS installed, and it boots by default, correct?

If so, then simply boot the device with the non-working keyboard. You can try to press ESC to bring up the boot menu. Once the OS is booted, will need you to download and run the coreboot cbmem utility to pull the firmware boot log.


unzip it, then open a terminal and run: sudo ./cbmem -c | pastebinit
(you may need to ‘sudo apt install pastebinit’ first)

there is no personally identifiable info in the log. Just need to see if there’s enough info from SeaBIOS to start debugging, or if I need to give you a custom build with a higher logging level.


that is correct. i have installed it as previously mentioned in several places, here on the forum, on the internal SATA m2 drive.

yes that works with the non-uhk keyboard and if i don’t have to press ESC for the boot menu PureOS get’s loaded just fine WITH the UHK keyboard as well (i just can’t reach the boot menu with it)

one baby step at a time.

I believe he said try it with the UHK keyboard and then:

i was just reiterating what the original problem was in a short TL;DR manner for people who might come across this later on …

i’m typing this on my UHK connected to the LMini from PureOS …

then go ahead and get me the firmware boot log as instructed please :slight_smile:

/usr/bin/pastebinit:42: DeprecationWarning: dist() and linux_distribution() functions are deprecated in Python 3.5
  release = platform.linux_distribution()[0].lower()

/usr/bin/pastebinit:413: DeprecationWarning: pasteURLopener style of invoking requests is deprecated. Use newer urlopen functions/methods
  url_opener = pasteURLopener()
Bad API request, invalid api_dev_key

in on PureOS amber (stable) < do i need Testing for this ?

shouldn’t, but you can also output to log file (sudo ./cbmem -1 > cbmem.log) and then just paste it into and post the URL here

@MrChromebox here >

thanks, can you do the same with the working keyboard attached instead?

I’m thinking I’ll need to have you flash an image with a higher debugging level

@MrChromebox here > < if you need to revisit please yank it to your local storage since this and the other one has an expiration date set of 1 day

copy that. was the keyboard plugged into the same port both times?

indeed it has. into the same usb-2.0 port to be more precise. on the front of the LMini. no hub attached.

ok, I’ll need to have you flash a custom build with more logging data. Will hopefully be able to get to that tomorrow

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@reC please flash the Librem Mini coreboot update using this script:

then reboot, get me cbmem log with non-working keyboard attached. thanks!

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@MrChromebox < for the non-working-keyboard

flashed from source and built - all good < very nice script < easy-peasy


HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 404 Not Found
2020-08-26 08:04:33 ERROR 404: Not Found.
Error downloading file coreboot-librem_mini-4.12-Purism-2-kbtest.rom.gz

at the end of the flash process < left me wondering < just created an empty file with that name in the work-folder

the error contained some ip adresses but i left that part out

building from source wouldn’t do any good, I don’t have a source branch pushed for the test build, only a precompiled image. You just built/re-flashed the release firmware.

the error you reported doesn’t make sense in the context of building from source though. Did you try the precompiled image and it failed?

yes it failed < 1) Update firmware using precompiled image gives the error i posted above

stupid me :sweat_smile:

ok, please retry, I had forgotten to push the update file.

and I should have been more explicit about flashing the precompiled image