Keyboard keys linked together software

Hi there,

I have a Librem 15 v3 with a freshly air cleaned keyboard [German Layout] All of a sudden, when I press the V key, the Alt Gr key is also activated, and is registered on the keys. When I press just the Alt Gr key is registered as well. When pressing B the Altis also registered which triggers window depended action, for example in the browser the bookmarks tab opens. Same happens when pressing Alt.

The keyboard is perfectly clean and working just fine. I think this is a software issue.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s indeed a bit weird. Did you change any software? Like install updates or such?
Which software are you using, PureOS?


No, I did not install any software that should change any of the keyboard settings.

I’m also having a little trouble inserting the key caps back in to place, is there a trick to do it?

I have similar issues with my 13v3 German keyboard (Partial keyboard failure). The problem in my case started saturday/sunday and has a part of the keyboard acting like the numpad. Can you check whether the problem, like in my case, starts after logging into your user account? Also, in my case the accessibility feature “mouse keys” alters the problem. Maybe that would confirm that we have the same or a different underlying problem.

The issue was completely gone for a couple hours, now it’s back, but with different keys:
R - O
T - F11
G - #
F - L
V - .
B - :arrow_down:
5 - F10

that looks like ubuntu not pureos.

Yes, I forgot to mention this!
Librem 15 v3, running Ubuntub 18.04.1 LTS, everything up to date, same issues after restart.

try ubuntu 18.10 or newer in a VM and see if the issue still persists.

Issue is gone now, didn’t do anything, the problem comes and goes…

And it’s back again! This times same keys as earlier are linked together:

R - O
T - F11
G - #
F - L
V - .
B - :arrow_down:
5 - F10

When will it stop?
When will it return?

I love compelling mysteries :slight_smile:

I think I start to see a pattern, but I’m not sure if this is actually the cause…

Keys were linked as above, then I carried the laptop outside for 10 minutes at roughly 0°C, back inside running on battery, the issue was fixed.

Then I walked back outside, plugged the laptop in, and the issue is back - but with different keys.

Might temperature & battery be the problem here?

This time, best buddies are:
U - O
Z - F11
H - #
J - L
M - .
N - :arrow_down:
6 - F10
7 - 9

In this case, usually the keyboard problem, the keyboard can only be replaced.