Kill switch wiring details for do-it-yourselfers

I have a librem 13 v1, that I’ve been using since june 2016.
For the past 6 months, I haven’t been able to use my camera and microphone at all.
Before this, there were a few months where they acted like they had loose wiring (i.e. i would play with the monitor until I hit an angle where they worked, or I would play with the switch and it worked).
Right now, as I said, both of them are useless (camera does not exist as far as the computer is concerned, and microphone just gives a very loud buzzing sound).

I would like to fix this, so can you please provide some schematics and information on which wires are connected to what?
I see similar issues in Kill switch broke on new librem 15 and Librem 13v2: Camera killswitch pushed into hinge, can’t turn it back on, but I don’t see the solution there.

I live in Germany, but I really think this is a problem that I should be able to fix myself, or with coworkers who are actually electrical engineers.
Plus, I’m planning on using this laptop for a long time (one of the main reasons I wanted something with a metal case), so I anticipate a screen change in the future, for which such schematics would also be important. Thankfully the screen is still working flawlessly for now.

Hi, can this help:

thank you, this looks like what I wanted.
I’m not sure why i didn’t find it before.
I will confirm when my machine is fixed.