Librem 13v2: Camera killswitch pushed into hinge, can't turn it back on

I somehow managed to push the camera/microphone killswitch into the hinge while using it and now it is stuck off. See photos below:

Is there a repair guide or teardown for the Librems somewhere so that I can fix it myself? I’m not completely sure how to get to the hinge after removing the bottom cover.

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The best would be just to send it back tomus for a repair. Contact ops @ and ask for a return label, reference this thread.

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I have the same issue with librem 15.
but I am in Europe. Do I really have to send it back to the USA for repairs?

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No, you can send it to our reseller in Germany. Contact support for further info.

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I broke off the toggle tip of the video kill switch of my Liberm 15. Sent it from, my location in Canada to the Purism operations in USA. I dropped of the package at FedEx on 17 October, 2017. It is now November 30. After several emails that kept escalating in terms of more and more urgency to get the computer repaired and returned, I finally got an email that there are other problems on top of the switch. And then Purism does not have any more USA keyboards, so Purism has those keyboards on back order and will have those in a month and then Purism will send me a new Librem 15 to replace the one I sent in, in about a month. So if anyone does send theirs back to Purism a delay can be expected, of more than a few days or weeks. I suppose that has to do with Purism being a very new company, started in 2014, and are having growing pains. Maybe I will get it as a Christmas present. Ho, ho, ho, oh no…

We apologize for this, it was just a bad timing to receive your laptop for a repair. Please contact support to discuss this with me.

I am also still waiting to hear back from support about fixing my librem 15 in Germany.

Mine is broken, as well. I really have no idea how it broke because I rarely use the camera/mic switch. Mine is stuck in the “on” position, for better or for worse. As my only functional work computer (my app doesn’t build properly on OSX – something to do with the PhantomJS binaries…) and a relatively small problem, it is not at all convenient to send it back for repairs. Can you (Purism) publish a do-it-yourself guide to fix this, as others have requested?