L5 and PureOS Store

I finally received my L5 about a month ago and am relearning how Linux works. I have two questions:

I haven’t been able to install any additional apps or, do any updates as the PureOS Store is missing.

I’m not even sure if it was there when I first turned the phone on. I’ve tried the following, done of which worked:
sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt full-upgrade`
sudo apt install pureos-desktop

restarted the computer/phone after each command.
Do I need a super secret decoder ring first?

How do I stop the USBGuard Authenication promt from appearing every time I wake the phone up or turn it on?

Thank you.


Maybe: Pure is store disappeared after update L5

Tap Settings -> Privacy -> Screen Lock, then toggle off “Forbid new USB devices”.

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Thank you. worked perfectly!