L5 arrived - Issues / questions


I received my L5 a few days before.
There are at least 2-3 points that let me think “maybe its defective”

Battery decreases at around 10% per hour although in “standby” (screen off)
Probably the same issue why the case gets warm.

Display gets very dark by the automatic control every time I turn it on.
Is that HW related, or is there a fix for that ?

THX in advance :wink:

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

Regarding battery life, it does drain fairly quickly, that does not necessarily indicate that your device is defective. Same thing with it getting warm, although of course that depends on how warm it gets.

About the display getting dark, you can change settings for that in the Settings app, choose “Power” there and then you should see settings for screen brightness, automatic brightness, “dim screen when inactive”, and so on.


Absolutely standard until some use of sleep state is implemented in the software.

Yes. The “automatic” control of brightness needs fine tuning at the moment. In my experience, that feature is best not used for now and just stick with manually controlling the brightness, which can be difficult if you transition from modestly lit indoors to blinding outside sun.

Neither of these is hardware related. Both just mean that the software is not as polished as it could be.



it’s been quite a while when I read last the forum.
So assumed the battery drain would have been more improved.
According to the dark Display … thanks to your advice I disabled the automatic control. I was searching for this adjustment in “Display”.

I’ll start further xploration of the device :wink:

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Welcome! Do you mind revealing your backing and shipping dates, so we can track where the order queue currently is?

Welcome, @batesman!

About the warmth: If I understand the L5’s design correctly, the frame is acting as a heat sink for the device internals, so that’s why it feels warmer in your hand than most phones. The heat is being actively channeled to the outside.

It will feel warmest while it is being charged. You can see thermal readings in the Usage application. These readings will vary from low-20 degrees C to, say mid-40s, depending on the activity level. You might see an occasional reading of 85 degrees C (!) for “bq25890-charger,” but that is apparently just a bug in the reading, so don’t be alarmed. (It might be corrected by now…I’m not sure.)

About the display: Note also that if your hand floats over the proximity sensor above the top of the screen (just to the right of the speaker), this will cause the screen to darken until you move your hand away. Hopefully, this will be modified at some point to only activate during phone calls. [Edit: This is apparently fixed in byzantium, so disregard. Earlier L5s were shipped with amber repo installed.]

Here are some tips that have been collected so far: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/community-wiki/-/wikis/Tips-&-Tricks


Doesn’t it already work this way for a while?

Not at all. (In amber, anyway.)

Ah, amber-phone has a phosh version that’s long outdated and is not planned to be updated there (too many dependencies). It’s been long fixed in Byzantium.


In that case, can I have my byzantium now, please? :rofl:


If you’re willing to reflash, then sure :smiley: Updating may be possible to, but will likely require some strong apt experience - and a full backup done beforehand :wink:

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Am I right in thinking that updating won’t introduce root partition encryption? (It is just my assumption that those getting phones now with byzantium pre-installed, are also getting encryption of the root partition by default.)

Understood. I would do that as a matter of course, even when not contemplating a major software upgrade.

Yup. Technically you could introduce it manually to an existing system (by dumping the partition, creating LUKS volume, restoring the partition back from backup and adjusting all required config files manually), but that’s of course quite involved.

So realistically @amarok and I are at some point going to have to do a full backup, flash byzantium from scratch, then reestablish all existing configuration and reinstall all existing apps?

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Yes, that’s the recommended way to switch at the moment. You can do it right now - byzantium is already the default for new installations. Flashing encrypted images isn’t as straightforward as it could be yet, but I’ve seen that there are tutorials that make it pretty easy to follow anyway.

MY Order Number is : Purism_3754983491 .
That was back in October 2017.

My L5 usually discharges more than 10% per hour, which means I have to charge it several times a day. Usually I have all radios on except bluetooth. This morning I went for a 30-40 min walk with the battery att 92%. After I came back, the phone showed 68% battery. So compared to mine, yours is doing good.

Another caveat of frequent charging is that my phone becomes very unresponsive sometimes when I take it off the charger. It manifests in that the screen takes up to 30 seconds or more to turn on and that it isn’t possible to unlock the phone or do anything else until whatever it is going on in the background calms down. Quite frustrating.

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There shouls be a "usage’ application on the main screen. It could provide some insights about what your phone is doing when it’s discharging quickly.

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Never seen anything like that myself - would be interesting if you could check what’s happening in the background there (with Usage, htop or something similar - possibly over ssh).

A good thing to check is tracker status - some people see it taking lots of CPU while indexing (recently someone reported it choking on large ePub collection, for instance).

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All data collectors are inactive, indexing is ready. I have no music, no epub etc. to index yet.