L5 can you hotspot with

can you make the L5 a hotspot for other devoces?

Yes, it works fine, I used it many times. Go to wifi settings, then you can enable hotspot in the menu there, via the three little dots in the upper right corner.

My iOS setting shows iPhone linked successfuly but in fact theres no actual internet connection
any suggestions?

can you reach a site from the L5 itself? the same should work from the iPhone; if not, debug with tcpdump on the L5

yes my l5 is connected to ndtwork amd i wrote this pist from the l5 while.my ios is still linked but gets no connection

might this error help?
also you may nitice an orange exclamation mark at the top left - what does ir mean??

your L5 is not connected via the modem to your cellphone provider, but via Wifi and so cant work as AP

What’s AP?

Why would that be?

AP = access point, as in your wifi can have one connection at a time, which is either to the iOS or to net but not both at the same time. Only way to make this work is to have L5 connected to net via cell mobile data (or via USB-ethernet), while wifi is used to hotspot for the other device.

So I don’t understand why the L5 was not connected to the Network for the Data

The orange exclamation mark on cell signal in your screenshot indicates a problem with your connection, which was what was referred to (nothing more). It seemed you might expect everything to work via wifi only. As to “why”, the error message does not give enough information to give any answer.

Something to start with: If you shut down the hotspot and test the mobile data connection (go a head and HW killswitch wifi), does that affect the connection - do you still get net? How about if you HWKS mobile - do you get net via wifi? Just to rule out first that the hotspot isn’t a culprit here and that your normal connection works (it’s nothing outside of the phone), then go from there.

Thanks for the advice
HWKS for wifi and i get network data fine
Same goes for HWKS for network and i get wifi fine

Unfortunately, the mobile data connection seems to stop working randomly on my Librem 5. I have the impression that this is happening lately more often than previously.

I notice this mainly when I’m using the Librem 5 as a hotspot.

See this post for details and what I do in that case.

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thank for info.
sometimes I think that its only me… :frowning: :slight_smile:

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(This back-references some earlier post of mine.)