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Apparently only 350 euros.

(Aber mein Deutsch ist schlecht.)

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Mein auch!


He wrote:

neu und unbenutzt, nur kurz eingeschaltet um Funktionalität zu überprüfen.

Translation: new and unused, just powered on to test functionality.

Rest are technical specs.

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Tried to buy it: the owner doesn’t accept “secure paying” by Paypal, … be careful.


Perhaps within OP mentioned link should be avoided by all means? @amarok, perhaps it is just about my thought (that is sideways almost 20 years old), but I never understood (not even tried) for what it is good for. Anyway, @speedy-10, here are two real www.ebay.de, as of today, and therefore somewhat (this thread topic related) relevant links:

  1. https://www.ebay.de/itm/304385052913 −− EUR 750.00 and

  2. https://www.ebay.de/itm/203948425614 −− ends on 22. Mai. 2022 22:15:14 MESZ (SIM card door looks like …).

Sehr geehrter Sven Adler,

wenn du dies hier liest, ich zahle dir Bar sofort 500 Euro für dein Smartphone und würde es in Aachen auch abholen kommen.

Melde dich bei mir.

Ich hab leider kein E-Bay Konto und möchte auch keines mehr anlegen, weil darin zu viele Tracker von Google und Co stecken.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,



If Sven “Greifvögel” have one to sell he would do that over ebay, either .com, or any other … local one (this was my point, partially based on @speedy-10 post). Otherwise number of “mandatory” cookies is indeed huge (on both here mentioned sites, yet let me propose, sort of again, to allow ebay.de and ebaystatic.com, and move forward from there). Just avoid Kleinanzeigen/Adler offer/combo altogether, please.


Adler is kind of a “Greifvogel” (Singular), its is Pastname and no Translation is needed. So yes avoid big companies like Ebay is not a bad hint… just we life in a complex world where Humans use all that kind of reach or tech…

I have a phone and would buy that too, cause its in less then 1000 km away for less money. However its not cheap enough (350 to 1000 Euro safe) to register … for some third party online for me. ;D

Since ebay delete my account 15 years or more ago…

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