L5 Protective Case - 3D Printing


I am curious if anyone has any luck making a 3D printed case for the Librem 5. I found the 3D printer files in one of the threads but it’s just an exterior skin. What I’d like to find is something like an Otterbox. What that is, is an plastic case that comes in 2 pieces and snaps around the phone with a plastic sheet over the face. Then a rubber-ish outer boot or cover that takes the scratches and bumps. This is a good idea as the drops will transfer the force through the plastic case instead into the phone’s chassis.

They also come with a piece that is sorta like a platform that the case snaps into. This platform has a little clip that you can hook up to your belt and you look like a big nerd. But I’m not interested in that level of nerdatude, just the phone case.

With the right imagination, this sorta thing can be cooked up with a 3D printer and the right designer. Anyone know any good 3D printer craftsmen?

The forum search function is your friend.


One of the longer running threads since February of last year. I got over a dozen likes for my graphic:



Your graphic look like an optical illusion


Actually yes, it was all in good fun. I pulled it off the internet.