L5 && telegram-cli / telegram-desktop

I’m used to use in the terminal app telegram-cli, bu since yesterday this connects to the server but both do not understand each other anymore.

The app telegram-desktop spills out a message from the server that one should update and if not it will not work anymore.

Telegram will force adds on the official app, and all the other apps are in need to be updated to the new API, or something like this, the FOSS Android app got updated and I read this on the changelog, here it is:

Dear developer, 

Telegram continues to grow worldwide, in part thanks to your third-party app. If your app is built from your own code, you'll need to make two changes so your users can keep chatting. If you are using the up-to-date open source code for one of our apps, these changes have already been made. 

Support for int64 IDs
With its rapid growth, Telegram is moving from 32-bit to 64-bit IDs so that users can continue creating billions of groups, channels and bots. Your app will need to support these new IDs as soon as possible to ensure users aren't interrupted. 

To do so, make sure your app supports this API layer: https://core.telegram.org/api/layers#layer-133

Sponsored Messages
To cover its growing infrastructure costs, Telegram added sponsored messages – a paid, privacy-friendly way to promote bots and channels. We are happy to see support for this has already been added across the majority of third-party apps.

We ask that you make sure that these sponsored messages are supported and properly displayed in your app by January 1, 2022. Unfortunately, Telegram cannot financially sustain apps that support Telegram Channels but do not display official sponsored messages – such apps will have to be disconnected. 

The necessary methods for this change are available here: https://core.telegram.org/api/sponsored-messages

You can read more about sponsored messages here: https://t.me/durov/172

Telegram's API usage will continue to be free of charge for all developers. We're counting on your understanding and support so that Telegram and your app can continue to offer private, secure messaging to people around the world. 

The Telegram Team

The UBports community, https://ubports.com , updated their telegram client TELEports to support the new API in tdlib 1.7.9. I’ve just updated it in my Ubuntu phone and it works.


I have here a screen shot of the version information of the app telegram-desktop – why it’s saying that it will stop working when it is the official tg app?

Magically the telegram-cli client works again as before in my FreeBSD laptop and my L5. What does this mean?

Is there a way to update the Telegram app to a version that is supported? I keep getting the message:
“Please update your app to the latest version. The version you are using is out date and will no longer work. If you don’t know how to update your app, go to https://telegram.org/dl and install the latest version of the official app.”

sudo apt remove telegram-desktop
sudo flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub https://flathub.org/repo/flathub.flatpakrepo
sudo flatpak install telegram
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Hi guru, to install Telegram on Librem 5 is it possible to download it using the browser or has to be installed using Terminal?

I did from a terminal (or SSH session):

sudo flatpack install telegram
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it seems that you hit this bug: https://tracker.pureos.net/T1090

Also you can use https://web.telegram.org as GNOME Web application. It supports desktop notifications.

  1. Go to https://web.telegram.org via Web (Epiphany browser)
  2. Click Install Site as Web Application…
  3. Confirm and wait a few sec, the application will be installed as GNOME Web Application



Ok thanks. I need flatpack to do this. I tried to install it (sudo apt-get install flatpack) but I got an error. Unable to locate package…
Repository address missing?

You can download and double-click on Flathub repository file, then install it. Then you search for Telegram in PureOS GNOME Software application.

See https://flatpak.org/setup/PureOS

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Also you can use NIX to install Telegram desktop https://search.nixos.org/packages?channel=21.11&show=tdesktop&from=0&size=50&sort=relevance&type=packages&query=telegram+desktop

there is the notification with the led but not the sound too bad

If you are a user of telegram-desktop like me you may have noticed that a recent update broke it (the “use native decorations” toggle no longer works to fit it to the screen).

This seems to be a regression of version 4.2. I reported it here but the developers officially don’t care about Linux on mobile.

You can revert to the last working version with this command:

sudo flatpak update --commit=3f5919746b867cb2586c3eb6942f5ab50f0b580e094b1fd0efec89f088b6054b org.telegram.desktop

… and prevent updates with

sudo flatpak mask org.telegram.desktop

However, sooner or later that version will stop working (next time they change the protocol). Honestly as Linux users we had to get used to be second-class citizens. As mobile Linux users we now have to get used to be third-class :upside_down_face:

So… did anyone manage to get Telegram integration working with Chatty?

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I never heard about that setting, where is it? I’m using it with display scale at 175% and works pretty well (unfortunately the display scale is reset at each restart)

I have installed version 3.7.3 of Telegram Desktop and works fine for months and with 100% display resolution.

Menu/Settings/Advanced/System Integration:

You may have to restart Telegram before it works

I tried a 3.x yesterday (from the PureOS apt repository) but it could not bind to my account. Maybe the protocol for that changed. Make sure not to uninstall :wink:

Anyway as I said it works nearly perfectly (just some focus issues when opening a photo) up to version 4.1.1.

For now.