Laptops In French?


I see on your site that you sell computers with German keyboards and not in French.
However, the Francophonie is much more numerous in numbers!
Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, I’m starting to think about buying a new laptop to replace my old Lenovo ThinkPad and I was thinking about buying a Librem13 but I’ll have to turn to another brand because I won’t be able to get used to an English keyboard,

Too bad!..As much for PURISM as for me…
When do you think you will be able to market computers in French?

Patrick FERRENQ (who is impatiently waiting for his Librem 5…)
PS: Are you confirming to me that, except for file storage, Librem.One’s future services will not increase the current rate which is 72$ per year?

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For reference, french layouts are probably the most likely to be added next.

Whenever that will be :wink:



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You can always switch the keyboard layout in software regardless of the labels on the keyboard (either you might now the meaning of the keys by heart or glue some labels on them). I myself use a notebook physically having AZERTY-layout (don’t know whether it’s French, Swiss, Quebecois or something else) with a German keyboard layout selected in software. Of course, having labels with the proper characters on them is always nicer.

Can’t you just pop the key and swap it?
That’s what I did when I bought a Macbook in Germany. The Y and Z keys were annoying my
OCD level so I got a toothpick and solved it for good. Switched to qwerty on software as well.
This entire per-country keyboard thing always reminds me the different power socket for each country,
another stupid thing from the previous century. Luckily USB and Ethernet are not country specific :slight_smile:

Take a look at It will work for ASCII-letters, but where do you find the single key with “9”, “ç” and “^” on it in the correct order? Same for “ß”, “?” and “\” on a German keyboard.

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