Liberm 14 order for sale

Hello all,
I just got the address confirmation email from Puirsm on 2 Nov but I don’t need the laptop anymore as I bought the Librem 13 v2 from my friend.
So I am here to sell my pre-ordered Librem 14 for $1965 via Paypal. I’ll contact Purism Support to update all the information.



Here’s the spec:
Librem 14 version 1 $1,965.00

Librem 14 Battery - 4-cell

Memory (DDR4): 32GB (1x32GB)

1Storage (M.2 SSD):
Storage (M.2 SSD): 250GB (SATA)

1Power Adapter Plug:
Power Adapter Plug: UK

Wireless Card (Laptops)

Firmware: PureBoot Bundle (PureBoot + Librem Key + Vault USB Drive)

1Operating System:
Operating System: PureOS

Warranty: 1 Year

1Privacy Screen:
Privacy Screen for Librem 14

1USB Flash Drive:

With all due respect, I got my address confirmation email on 2021-07-26 and still haven’t got received it nor even got a specific shipment date other than the within 10 days that was in the confirmation email.

Might be a bit premature taking a Paypal payment for it until you have a tracking number at least. :wink:

Just out of curiosity, exactly when did you place the order?

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Thank you for your reminder. Guess I’ll simply ask for a refund from Purism then, as I have to update all the information & receive the payment before 9 Nov.

Placed the order on 2021-06-16. Before that, I emailed Purism support and they said it should ship in August. Lol.

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Well, based upon the following latest purism support feedback, my drop dead delivery date is 15 Dec 2021 before requesting a refund, since my order on 1 May included the anti-interdiction (AI) services which will take a bit longer:

So, you may want to give it until the end of Nov before requesting a refund. YMMV

I was gonna say I would buy it from you but looks like your shipping date might not be guaranteed. I’m also wondering how difficult it would be to change the delivery address or whether the change of ownership creates any warranty issues.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Purism, history has shown there are ZERO guarantees despite what they tell you. :frowning:

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Did you get through with your refund?