Librem 11 Docking Station

On the web site there is no description of the Librem 11 Docking Station at all. Features or options something for my $130.
Overall you need to hire a writer to fill out your website.

Hi John!

There’s a short description on the store:

Docking station: Yes Including: 1 HDMI 4 USB 3.0 1 RJ45 1 Power DC-in Buy for $129

There’s an image here:

If you’re not satisfied with this, please state what more do you want to know, so I can arrange with our website team to add required info to the website.

3 big pictures from different angles would help decisions.

John and Joe, here are the pictures:

Sorry it took so long.
Note that these pictures wont be getting on our product page.

Thanks for pics, Mladen!

How does the Librem 11 fit on it? I can’t tell which side is front and which is back.

It appears to actually have 4 USB ports! The description on the indiegogo page says 2 USB ports. can you please add a specification on your store page?

there appears to be 1 (or maybe 2) small ports on one of the short sides but the pictures are unclear.

Can you show a picture of the place where the Librem 11 actually connects to the docking station? And a picture of the corresponding slot on the Librem 11?

why can’t you link to these photos on your store page?

First picture shows (from left to right): DC in, usb port, other usb port, hdmi port and rj-45 (lan) port. You can also see the cover is open.

Second picture shows two side usb ports (also the cover is open).

Okay, I’ll get more pics today.

cover? so the part that stands up the most folds down?

is there any port on the other short side? hard to tell in these photos.


Joe, in total there are 4 usb ports, 1 hdmi and 1 lan port. So the other side has no ports.

More pics: (connection pins) (flip cover closed)