Extension / docking options for Librem 5

I have just ordered two Librem 5 for me and my lovely wife, after being able to convince her (!) of this step. (Okay no pressure, guys, but don’t let me down :wink: )
While discussing the possiblities, I realized that the default docking option (big screen) is actually not what we are interestend in. And it kinda seems that 97,7% of all non-enterprise backers might agree with me here. (Yes, I do know it’s a stretch… :wink: )

For almost 5 years now I use a Lenove Yoga (13") as my primary computer at home and immediately when I got it, booting up my workstation became a rare event. And I mean rare. What I want to do 90% of the time is

  • Surf, watch a video (need a screen bigger than 5")
  • Write Documents, Mails, Forum entries (need a keyboard and a touch pad)

And every once in a while:

  • Do some GIMP and some Inkscape (need a real mouse).
  • Connect some storage (need a USB and/or RJ45 port)

In other words, I want to turn my Librem 5 into a Librem 13! (or 11 or 15)
That would be so awesome! When you come home, you stick your Librem 5 in the Librem13-Shell, it get’s recharged, and you can just use it like a laptop. Not only would it be awesome, you could also take the LibremShell* everywhere and show everybody just how awesome it is. (And I would totally do that)

By the way, more keyboard layouts (namely German) would be a requirement, not only for the LibremShell, but also for the existing laptops for me to buy them. Even if that would mean that I have to manually remove the lids and replace them.
Also, it should be designed in a forward-compatible way that would allow it to dock slightly different phones, too. Like the Librem 6 :smiley:

*(LibremShell: or Libreum, to add a third latin word, Austreum, to Librem :grin: )

The small solution would be to modify the Librem 11 Dockingstation so that it also works with the Librem 5.
I guess that would basically mean to add a USB-C port, right?
(And yes, please add the product details to the web page as requested here: Librem 11 Docking Station)
The even smaller option would be a simple USB-C-to-HDMI cable, so you can attach it to a beamer and run a presentation :slight_smile:


the current hardware says there will be a type-c port, if the power management feature is setup right, all you need to do is get at type-c hub and a phone stand (and whatever accessories you wanted to connect to it) you would have a nice homemade dock with all the functionality you are looking for.


Sure. I just thought it would make sense to turn the Librem 11 Docking Station into a Librem Docking Station that is useful for all the Librems.
The only thing that’s missing is one (or two?) USB-C ports. Even for the Librem 13 and 15 it might then be useful by providing Ethernet, external disk/mouse/keyboard and screen.
An integrated (SD)-Cardreader would also be very nice, especially for the Librem 5.
Having just one docking station that is useful for all would make it more profitable, and thus cheaper.

But what I really would love to see is a way to turn the Librem 5 into a Librem 11 or 13. The Librem-Shell :slight_smile:
I would just love it!

Regarding a USB-C dock: Please save the time to develop and build your own dock. Either partner with an existing manufacturer for rebranding or just advise the customers to buy a specific brand. I can fully recommend the innoAura USB-C dock.They have HDMI, Ethernet, 2 USB ports, and USB-C for charging and work with all my USB-C devices. I tried so many, this is the only one that worked with everything I threw at it. Just make sure to implement a proper USB-C protocol stack.

Regarding the request feature: YES PLEASE! I mean, since you tabled the Librem 11 anyway, It would really be nice to get an alternative. Something in the line of the Superbook or the Shiftphone SHIFTmu for the Librem 5 would be awesome. Some tablet dock, where you slide in the librem 5, that has a detachable keyboard, so you can turn your phone into a 2-in-1 tablet/laptop computer. Where can I put my money?