Librem 13 doesn't switch on at all!

Hi, I have a following principal issue with my Librem 13: When I push the switch on button, the right control light in the right upper corner ligths for a while and then switches off automatically. Nothintg else works, the screen is completely inactive. I also tried to connect it to the external monitor and nothing happened, it apparently didn’t send any signal to it. I charged to it to the full, tried to switch it on with and without the charging cable plugged in but it was always the same.

First, it started a week ago when I let the computer switched on without any activity and it got dark after a while. I thought it was just a screensaver but it was inactive. I tried to switched it on and off again but nothing worked. Suddenly, the next day it worked. It worked normally for a couple of day until the aforementioned happened.

Soon, it’s gonna be two years when I bought the computer so I still should have the right from guarantee, I guess. However, I am from Europe so it will take some time to send a computer to US - will the guarantee period be met if I manage to send it to Purism company within it?

Please, I need urgent help, it’s my only laptop!! Is there any chance to help it or it demands the principal repair?

Thank you very much and Merry Christmass!!

Regarding warranty: you need to contact us at support @ with your order number so that we can check.

Regarding your issue: is your battery charged? Do you see an orange LED when you plug in your charger?

Further troubleshooting steps:

  • open the back cover and re-seat RAM module
  • try another RAM module
  • disconnect the battery and try just with charger plugged in

@RadimKozub I’ve had a similar issue, where my Librem 13 would crash intermittently. As mentioned by @mladen, disconnecting the battery and reconnecting after a while always worked for me.

The problem with my model pointed out by warranty support, was a rubber pad on the laptop back missing (must’ve misplaced it, really silly) which affected heat dissipation resulting in overheating.

Also, try upgrading to the latest version of coreboot (Librem coreboot Utility Script: usage, discussion, and help) if you haven’t already.

I haven’t faced this problem since and I don’t poweroff for weeks at times.

Merry Christmas!

Thank you for you answer, guys! @akshay, I’ll definitely try to do it. Just to be clear - you had the same issue as described above. The issue with the rubber pad discussed with warranty support was something unrelated or did the overheating also affect the crash you mentioned? Regarding the coreboot, can there be also any relation? I’ll do it once I will be able to switch the computer on.

Anyway, Happy New Year!

Yes, I think. For me, I would boot the laptop, run some heavy workload and then the laptop would crash. After the crash, the symptoms similar to yours showed where on booting again, the power-on LED which is the rightmost of the three LEDs above the keyboard would light up for a few seconds and then the machine used to turn off again.

Overheating was definitely the problem for my machine. We thought about upgrading BIOS because when I bought my laptop, the BIOS version was close to 4.7/4.8 and had known problems with overheating. However, when the BIOS upgrade didn’t work, I sent the laptop back to Purism support and they figured it was because of the missing rubber pad.

Dear @mladen /Purism support ,

I refer herewith to our communication dated back in the year 2019 regarding my non-functional Librem 13. I know that I have not been in touch for a long time but my problem is still persisting.

Already in 2019 I tried all your recommendations and advises, step by step. I utilized even advises of @akshlay including the exchange of the RAM module. Unfortunately without any success and my notebook still does not work.

I would appreciate it very much if I could utilize it also in the future and therefore I would like to try the last possibility, which is to send the Librem 13 directly to you. It´s likely that you will repair my notebook directly in your premises or at least you will find out where is the problem. The transportation costs would be bore by me. If you found out that my problem could be solved, could you kindly let me know how much would be the repair? Then we would agree upon accordingly whether to effect the repair and send it back or whether to say good bye to my notebook forever.

Your project has appealed to me and I would like to keep being its part.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Kind regards,
Radim Kozub

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