Librem 13 LCD panel "flickers"

Hi all,
my laptop LCD panel seems defective. The image “flickering” every now and then (say every 5/10 minutes), i.e. the image intermittently breaks on horizontal lines.
I’ve filmed the issue here: , The camera did not capture all the details I could see with my naked eye but it should be more evident at seconds 5 and 12.

Has anyone had this issue with their monitor and/or has any clue about how to fix it?

Hi Alessandro,

it usually is one of two things:

  1. current driver is a bit buggy
  2. loose connectors

For bug 0 you just need to wait updates. For bug 1 you should be brave to open librem and check connectors to display and make them “tight” if needed.

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Thanks for the feedback Zlatan, I feel relieved it sounds fixable.

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