Librem 13 rubber foot

One of the four rubber feet on my librem 13 came off. Can provide a replacement part? Is it available in any store? If so, can you provide a link or a part number?


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Hi anto!

Unfortunately, we do not sell nor ship this. You can probably find this in any better equiped computer store.

Kind regards!

Thanks Mladen,
In that case can you provide a part number? or part specs (like dimensions)? It would be great if there was a detailed wiki of some sort where you could at least enumerate common parts that might need replacing, so customers can find the parts elsewhere. Another part I need to replace on my librem 13 is one of the bottom screws, as one is missing for some reason.

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Part number, seriously? :slight_smile: Did you checked computer stores for this? Same goes for screws, they’re pretty much standard for all types of computer hardware.

Wiki is a work-in-progress, it’s intended to be a central place for PureOS information, but we might also add a page for Librem technical specs, I’ll consider this.

I agree with anto. Part numbers would be nice. Mocking customers who request details like this is not helpful.

Regarding the forthcoming wiki, if it is really a wiki then we the ordinary users will be able to add pages.

I agree with anto. Part numbers would be nice. Mocking customers who request details like this is not helpful.

We don’t have a part number for rubber feet. You can go to a computer store and find the corresponding ones, or search for it on internet stores. Sorry, it’s simply a consumable, a better equipped computer store should have this.
Same goes for the screws, but we’ll contact our supplier to see if can add them on our store.

Regarding the forthcoming wiki, if it is really a wiki then we the ordinary users will be able to add pages.

Of course, once it’s ready, users will be able to add content.


Hi all, as far as I understand it, Purism has no such thing as a “spare stock of rubber feet” or small commodity parts like that, for the time being. That said, if you have trouble finding them in local computer shops near you, you can find them easily (and cheaply) online, on Amazon for example (here’s a search query for rubber feet, sorted by price on the Amazon USA website, for example). Hope that’s helpful.

as I understand it the original poster’s rubber foot has been lost. in this situation, how are us customers supposed to know what kind of connector the replacement rubber foot should have without ripping another one of the feet off to look at it? and then measuring it with calipers?


I haven’t taken mine off but I suppose they are simply glued to the external case, and assume that in this situation you would either take measurements of existing ones before purchasing online if you’re looking for a perfect match (this place would be a good place to share your findings; we’re hoping to set up a wiki someday for this kind of knowledge, too), or you would just replace all the feet at once because they typically are sold in bundles of 6-10 pieces anyway.

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Yes, it would be very useful to know what the dimensions are for the screws that are in the librem laptops.

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For my Librem 13 v2, the screws holding the bottom of the case on are M2x8 (quantity 2) and M2x4 (quantity 10).


If i could have “hearted” that info twice i would have. :slight_smile:

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I have a similar question some time ago (see Librem-13 spare parts).

BTW, we are still waiting for a wiki so that we could exchange important data such as technical details and list of spare parts.

That was a promise when I first received my purism13-v1.

Still waiting :frowning:


Not well advertised, nor have I spent too much time crawling through it see how regularly it’s updated, but there is a Wiki

I found this one too, but it is focused on PureOS not on Purism librem in general. I do not see anything outside it.

I am thus not sure it is the best place to put things such as technical details on hardware for instance. I do not want to break or mess things.


Hmm, fair point. Given that it’s the only Wiki I know of, I think it would still be appropriate, but maybe that’s a decision for the Purism team.

I really and strongly disagree. Rubber feet are no consumable at all and cannot be changed by any other rubber feet.

They play a major role in stability and in heat dissipation.

Now that 2 of my librem-13v1 rubber feet (one from the back and one from the front) are gone (they were loosely glued to the bottom of the laptop) the whole thing is almost unusable.

Replacing the missing back one by the last front one is not an option because it renders the laptop wobbly.

I was not able to find any good replacement (remember that back ones are thicker than front one) anywhere.

Anyone have got a link to some vendor of effective replacement for the librem13 specific box or else the precise specifications we were promised 2 years ago ?

Also will be there a wiki dedicated to hardware as promised 2 years ago also ?

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Yes! Here it is:

My theory: The aluminum cases come from Purism’s case supplier with the rubber feet already attached and glued, so Purism does not have a part number. Purism asked their supplier for details on how to get more of the same feet, and their supplier replied with the URL of their supplier and this URL points at a web site with no pictures and all text in Chinese.

If you don’t like my theory, please give a better explanation of why Purism has refused to answer this simple question for more than 2 years.

Yo, Purism: rubber feet supplier and part number please?

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Well, in this very thread, though it is an old reply, Purism staff members have stated that they do not have the part number for the rubber feet, and recommend buying any rubber feet you can find.

If stability/heat dissipation are a concern, there’s probably a combination of feet found in this pack this pack that work: