Librem-13 spare parts

Is there any chance that add support for spare parts in their store. For now we just can buy power supply, but it should be nice to buy battery for instance.

If it is too difficult it may be easy and helpful to list somewhere precise specifications (at least Manufacturer and Product number) of some important part of each librem (battery, power supply, keyboard, touchpad, etc.).

I asked the question because I forgot to respect advices given in and my battery seems already to be less less efficient (to say it in nice words) even only 7 months after I received my librem-13 :frowning:


This is something we should have in our store indeed! The Librems are easy to open for repair so we should make spare parts easily available.

I am not responsible of the hardware here at Purism so I will forward your request internally.

Thanks for the feedback!


Yes, we are working on it.

Any idea of the planned result of this work?

Meanwhile, do you plan to offer some kind of wiki service somewhere so that we can store informations about configuring/running librem boxes as well as some technical details on it?

Some informations are present here in posts of the forum or elsewhere (github, etc.) but difficult to find due to the nature of the tool (forum not knowledge base).

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Yes, wiki is a work in progress.

Any planned date for availibity?

As soon as we solve some technical difficulties.

OK still no news on that front?

Apart from my battery, I just lose one of the rubber pad of my librem13v1 (which render the everyday use very annoying) and would like to replace it.

If you are not able to sell such spare parts directly, maybe you could publish a list of all spare parts references (in some kind of exploded view) of all of your products on your website. It will also ease the work of users to have links to manufacturer/reseller of such parts.

Finally that would be a major advance to transparency and openess.


Agreed with Bruno. Parts numbers and ordering info please. Or sell the parts yourself.

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I also agree with that. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is going to happen in the immediate future (maybe in the next month or so) because of how busy everyone is right now. I know there is talk of offering spare parts, and I know talk of a wiki keeps coming back every month or so… the will is there, the problem is the limited resources (not enough hours in a day).

@Bruno, There are plenty of rubber pads you can find on ebay or similar, they usually come in packs of 4 or 10 or something like that, so you don’t need to buy the exact same part (should be easy to measure though), you could just remove the other 3 and replace them all with the new rubber feet you buy.

P.S: This is the source for a 3D model I did of the Librem 13 v1 :
You can see my measurements for the rubber foot there stating it is 17.5 mm in diameter and 2 mm in depth :


You can search and find for compatible ones here (as an example) :

P.P.S.: this does not remove the fact that we need to provide spare parts, I’m just trying to give you a temporary solution.


Since this topic already exists, I too have a request for spare parts.

In particular, I managed to blow the speaker in my Librem13 v1.
I could just find a different speaker, as long as I know the impedance.

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Same here, blew my speakers within a week of getting my lovely laptop. Any details on suitable replacement would be great

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Just contact support at


Any news on the wiki front side (more than 18 months have passed)?