Librem 13v2 vs 13v3

Hi everyone,

What are ALL the EXACT differences between the 13v2 and 13v3?

For example, do they have different coreboot versions? Different CPU generations? Better/worse WIFI signal?

I have searched everywhere, including the forums and wiki, and can’t find anything.

Thank you!

From what I’ve been able to read, people who bought the v1 aren’t looking to get a v3 usually.

I haven’t really looked at all the specs, because should I get one, it’ll be the current iteration anyway. However, iteration is usually made because it’s worth it. So my guess is, if the differences between the 2 are important to you, then just get the v3.

You might find this review useful:


um, ok

Could someone please answer my question?

It’s a little strange that there’s no documentation on this for an “Open-Source” laptop…

Edit: Not trying to be rude, just a little frustrated with the time I’ve spent looking for this information :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks mladen,

However, your current Librem 13s have the following SKU:


So I got confused there.

Is it true that the ones with the L13V2-US-TPM and L13V2-US-I7 SKUs are indeed Librem 13 Version 3’s?

Would it also be correct to say there are zero other differences besides the CPU upgrade?

I appreciate your quick response! Have an awesome day!

Librem 13 with i5 cpu — v2
Librem 13 with i7 cpu (with or without TPM) — v3

We made the decision to bump the version number a bit too late for the labeling on the first batch to be changed.

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Awesome, thanks so much!!!

Now if someone searches for “13v2 vs 13v3” they’ll find what they need too :grin:


As I mentioned here, if you run:

  sudo dmidecode | grep Product

it may still show Librem 13 v2 even if you have v3. That might depend on what you have on it, but I received my Librem v3 in April. I have updated everything but coreboot.

Thank you! It certainly caused a bit of panic when I receive the shipping notification!

I recently updated coreboot and that seemed to syncrhonize the version numbers. So, where it showed v2 using the dmidecode command, I now see v3. v3 matches the bottom.

fwiw, my librem13v2 actually has an i7-6500U processor. Maybe that was an upgrade during purchase.