Librem 13v4 Ethernet issues

I was wondering if anyone knew how to connect Ethernet to your Purism laptop. I have a libreme 13 version 4. I bought an Ethernet adapter that plugs into the usb, but that doesn’t work. Also, is there a merchant who says an external pci Ethernet adapter for this brand? Thanks

For my Librem 13 v4 the following two USB-C to Ethernet adapters work fine:

Those are just two that I happened to have, they were not chosen to match the Librem 13 in any way but just happened to work, don’t know if that’s just lucky or if maybe most adapters work. (I do have one that does not seem to work with the Librem 13, that’s the USB-C adapter that came with the PinePhone, not sure what kind that is, there is no brand written on it.)

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If you have time to wait for delivery you can buy this one:

Otherwise (before buying above) you might try to recognize your Ethernet adapter, to USB port connected one, like this:

And install needed firmware (package) + firmware-misc-nonfree from Debian non-free repository.