Librem 14 does not charge and doesnt boot?

Hi all! Recently got my Librem 14. First I cancelled my order but since Purism said it would take roughly 1.5 years for me to receive a refund, I decided to have it shipped anyway.

Had some minor issues thus far, but nothing that I couldn’t tackle. The issue I am running into now however, is something that I wasn’t able to resolve.

My battery is not charging. It used to be charging, I think? Unless there was a huge power supply in there when it was shipped. But either way, its not charging now.
On the last 4% I tried to install the new firmware en checked the start- and endcharge %. Endcharge set at 100 and startcharge set at 90%, so that should be okay?
The laptop is completely empty now though and I can sometimes start it up as far as the boot, but once I decrypt the drive and the OS starts loading, the battery dies again.

Anyway has advice on what I should do in this case?

Did you try to search the forum? There were a couple of similar threads: New Problem with Librem 14 not charging battery [SOLVED], Librem 14 Charging Issue and probably more.

Also, you can write to Purism asking for help here (they usually reply faster when it’s not about refunds): How to properly send emails to Purism

Thanks for your quick reply! I tried the suggestions in those threads, but if I am not mistaken, you need to have the OS running to be able to try those options? I’m stuck at 1% charge (and 101% battery health) and whenever I boot up, it shutsdown at the moment the OS loads. I can play around in pre-boot, but that’s it.

Boot from a live USB and see if that makes a difference.