Librem 14 on Sale at

$300 off / Ends February 6th, midnight* U.S. Pacific Time.

Odd that they didn’t announce this sale in the forum!

*Unclear whether this means midnight between Feb 5 and Feb 6, or midnight between Feb 6 and Feb 7.

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This was what I needed to get off the fence after being so ticked off in the way they handled the hinge issue.
But ordering with VISA using Stripe didn’t work for me, it triggered Bank of America fraud detection and I wasn’t able to get any help from the idiot at the BoA fraud desk, which is not the usual result.
I’ll try to do a direct transfer to their bank account, which is a great option and avoids them paying the VISA and Stripe fees.
Thanks so much for the heads up.
Death to JIT! Viva la open source and software freedom!


I should also note that Kyle Rankin’s regular blogging of late has gone a long way to burnishing my opinion of Purism. Without it, I doubt I would have ordered another Librem. I know it might be painful for all the extra work, but it is worth the trouble to keep explaining yourself. Who knows? I might buy a Librem 5 someday.


Looks like it runs through the rest of today (Feb 6, U.S. Pacific Time):

How irritating this mob are. I see this special now. 7 Feb in Australia. I received an email last week telling me to watch for an email on the weekend with great deals. No email arrives and they announce it where?

They are like Australian politicians. Say one thing do another all of which appears to be bullshit.

The integrity of this company is shonky. Yeh, its not an original allegation, but you’ve got to wonder. If the email had of arrived on Saturday I would have ordered. Simple. I have a real problem with their business methods.

The sale is still going on for another 12 hours. It goes by U.S. Pacific Time.

I got the announcement at about 10:30am U.S. Pacific Time on Feb 4th.

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I wish that I had known that sale was coming. Oh well, the used T480s that I bought works well enough, and I needed a laptop quick when I bought it last year, but hopefully others are able to take advantage of this sale. :slight_smile:

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The discount is still being advertised on the landing page, but when I did a mock purchase and tried to apply the coupon code, the message “Coupon has expired” was returned.

(Just FYI.)

We sent out an email to the same newsletter on Friday when we launched the sale. Perhaps check your spam folder? If you are still interested, contact me privately and we can see if we can figure something out.

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It’s a really good point. It seems like we announced it everywhere else but the forum! An oversight we won’t repeat next time, but thank you for creating this thread in our stead!


As far as I know, it wasn’t announced here, either. :wink: we posted a number of times on our Librem Social account. Also after some very fair criticism about a post that made it on other social media platforms and not Librem Social, we have made an internal policy to attempt to always post on Librem Social first before all other platforms.

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Ah, now I see. The #Purism on the link I posted doesn’t find it. Thanks for the clarification.

Thank you. Comments like this make all the extra work worth it! I will keep it up!


Yeah I think that just shows posts where someone has added the #purism hashtag. We don’t automatically add the #purism hashtag to our own posts since it’s implied.

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My bad… I never really learned how to use social media. :crazy_face:

As a data point, I received both emails (also in Australia).

3-Feb 12:23: contains the paragraph with heading “Coming Soon: The Best Weekend to Buy the Librem 14” etc.

5-Feb 05:24: contains the actual promo offer etc.

I’ve now just back to revist this. I got the first email. The second didn’t arrive. Not in spam etc. That’s it.
In another post I state that I’m glad that it didn’t arrive actually.