Selling Librem 5 Evergreen Jan 2019 pre-order


You have opportunity to buy Librem 5 Evergreen Jan 2019 pre-order for 10% discount for $1079. Normal price $1,199.00.

How this works

  1. You will pay me $1079.
  2. Purism support will transfer pre-order to your purism account.

Can I trust you?

You may ask purism support to verify me before paying me. I can provide my order details for purism.


Evergreen batch, no modem selected yet. Please keep discussion on topic and avoid ranting. I will not talk to you unless you commit to buy.

Estimated Shipping Date

To be determined based on CPU availability.


Do I get invoice?
A: Yes after purism transfer pre-order to your purism account.

What if I don’t have purism account?
A: I will transfer my account to your email with help of purism support.

I don’t like the price
A: Then don’t buy it.

Other people are selling it for less
A: Then buy it from them.

Why do you sell it?

Come on, “why?” is a legitimate question.


Because OP sees dollar signs. People are selling actual phones (edit - and also January 2019 preorders) for less.


Let me paraphrase @Lukas comment: “Unfortunately, $599 would only work for me. Haha, I hope to own one of these some day.” @golden_purism, just keep your Librem 5 pre-order for yourself, as your attitude is not even close to this one:

You probably want to have your investment back, 1:1 back, yet Purism staff isn’t supposed to play around as your personal secretariat:

To explain, you are the one in charge to transmit your particular Librem 5 pre-order to someone else, even if person getting your Librem 5 pre-order place in line did not pay for it one single cent.

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IMHO, this forum is for technical discussion around the L5 and not for advertisement and making profit. The OP should sell this outside this forum and moderators should delete such postings.

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Forum rules explicitly allow the ads for used devices, and we do have a tradition of allowing preorders too.

That’s not to say that discussing this is disallowed, but please keep it in other threads - every time a preorder is sold, someone complains about this. I’ll remove future posts that question the conditions of the offer (other than bargaining), or its presence here.


Wow. $1079. You are so generous. You just paid $599. Double price and 10% off! Wow.

One question: What does the invoice read? $599 or $1079? And since it will only read $599, will I get another invoice reading $480 from you?
And another question: Do you have to pay taxes in your country for such an earning? Or is this tax fraud?


You would get original invoice.

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Offer is still valid. :star_struck:

As your offer is ten months old, are you willing to give some discount?

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Yes I can sell it for $900.

I’m also willing to accept crypto payments.

Or even for $599, i.e. the original price you‘ve paid?

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$900, inflation is high :smile:

The market has spoken?

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Bear markets everywhere :bear:

This offer is no longer valid, I got the shipping notification.

Edit: Thank you for the entertaiment in this thread.