Librem 14 Refund Experience

Just wanted to share my experience trying to cancel my Librem 14 order.

  • September 1st, 2020 - I ordered a Librem 14. I was super excited about the device and looking to replace my current laptop from 2012.
  • January 20, 2021 - I contacted customer support trying to cancel my order. I was told I would have to wait until I get my shipping conformation email and then I could cancel.
  • April 29, 2021 - I emailed again asking to cancel and refund my order since units were ‘shipping’. Was told the same thing again. I asked when I came up in the queue and requested my refund would I be receiving it then, since I heard people in the same position were not getting a refund. I was told it would be processed at that time and I would get my refund then.
  • June 1, 2021 - I received my shipping email and requested my order be canceled. The response was

Please keep in mind that it might take up to 15 days for the process to be completed and the money deposited back into your account.

  • June 16, 2021 - No refund as of yet. I emailed to ask where is my refund and was told I would have to wait until mid July for a refund. I responded with Purism is not following their own policy about refunds and they sent back

Finance department needs some time to process the refund. I will ask them to try to speed up procedure for your case. We’re sorry for the wait.

I responded back with “This really feels like my money is gone and I was duped”.

You’re not “duped”, I assure you. We will refund you, please allow just a week or two more.

I do not understand why Purism can not actually refund my money for this canceled order.

Has anyone actually received their refund after requesting it?
Anyone want to share their experience?


Not to exculpate anyone, but Hertz recently over billed us on a car rental. We were told that it would take a month to get a refund.

I asked for a refund on my L14 and received it as promised. Honestly just give them more time.


That is fine for Hertz, they told you what to expect and you can move forward (hopefully you got your refund within that time frame). I was told what to expect from Purism and they didn’t do it.
I am not really looking for experiences with other companies. Framework is offering an immediate refund if you cancel an order there (different company and different policies). I am looking to share this experience, as it has been extremely frustrating for me, and I am interested if anyone has actually gotten their refund. If they got it, how long did it take? Things of that nature.

With all the shipping delays and less than ideal communication from Purism I really expect this next 1 to 2 weeks of waiting to turn into another few months.

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Glad to hear that. How long did it take once you requested it?

Actually I don’t think so. They are an enormous company with lots of employees.

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That’s the first I’ve heard of from Hertz (not sure relevance?), and this is far from the first I’ve heard of the situation from Purism.

Seems like a broken record on the forums no?

I’m surprised you guys have had success, their response to me was

per our policy, we don’t cancel a PRE-order I’m afraid

I should have canceled through my card when they first started giving outrageous shipping dates (like when they said they’d have it shipped out to us in three weeks when the PCB’s hadn’t even been printed yet). Hopefully they ship soon


They told me up to 15 days as well. It took about 15 days. Mine was a US order as I do think if you are ordering from another country that could complicate the process.

It could depend on what country you are in. No doubt dealing with the banking system is worse when there is more than one country involved.

Thanks for the info. Mine is also a US order.

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Pretty much the same exact experience. If they can’t get this simple and moral business process down, how much confidence can we have in the phone?
I’m just going to call my credit card company at this point. I have zero faith in this company as a whole. Whoever said give them more time is just a paid troll by these hacks I’m sure.
Another option is class action lawsuit.


Are you really? Considering this is your first post here, I’d say it is more likely that you’re the paid shill than I am.


Not an argument. How do you equate my first post implies I’m a troll? You can’t. Full stop. It’s an absurd assertion. I have facts to back up everything I said? Does your request make any effing logical sense? Only a troll would brush off this utterly immoral way we are being treated. I really wanted this phone and was hoping it would happen. It hasn’t and you don’t treat customers this way and retain their trust. If you’re going to argue with me, you better try harder next time because you failed miserably and you’re arguing with a world champion.


Only I’m not arguing with you. Full stop.


Well you tried them got owned. And now you are not. Good choice.

Please stop accusing each other of trolling, and stop flaming. Future posts like that will get cut (I’m restoring to show what I’m talking about).


I have to give it up for the mods around here. Moderation seems fair straight down the middle + a little bit of wiggle room for human expression.

I really appreciate not seeing (well I haven’t seen it, not sure if I would know if it happened) outright bans based on mod short fuses or political leanings.

Really appreciate the fair moderation. Keep it up.


I cancelled my order when it was my turn in the queue on June 1st. Still haven’t gotten my money. Support keeps saying I will receive it by next month. In conclusion, my L14 refund experience is so far very similar to the pre-order experience.


I was able to get back my money after I opened a case with my credit card company. That’s the only way. Or take it to a court. Purism is a scam company. They want to keep your money as long as they can. The only way to deal with these people is to rely on the law.