Librem 14 "Road warrior" deliveries when?

I was told to expect it by christmas but havent heard anything since,and the entire purism website seems to be all about the librem 5?
I am just gonna assume a delay,but how huge/long?

It is due to start shipping at the beginning of January. I’m anxious for it too :slight_smile:

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Thanks im not complaining ( just excited to try it out ). I got a voucher due to stuff so i barely had to pay ,beyond shipping and i expected a delay once the first half of december went by without any email.
So probobly get it in march/april :slight_smile: cause if it didnt happen end of decemberm,beginning of january sounds like kicking the can down the road. I love purism but wish they would not announce things to be ready or delivering,untill it is, you can strive and hope for it internally but keep it internal or else you end up with questions like mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think we all share a desire to know the “when” for products in the pipeline. However building new things from scratch is never an exact science. Things can go wrong. There can be delays.

I think many people would agree that posting updates on a web site is not as good as actually emailing customers to keep them in the loop. Or, who knows, login to your account and see an update against your order. (That would be more secure and private.) But that’s not how Purism rolls, it would seem.

The only way to avoid this particular kind of problem is not to pre-order products that are being developed but instead just to order after the product has been developed and you would be ordering from stock. (Delays are still possible. Things can still go wrong. But if you confirm stock available before ordering, and then order, there is far less scope for delays or other problems.)


It’s kind of a “damned if they do, damned if they don’t” thing, unfortunately.


Agreed but i was essentially told to skip the librem 15 for my voucher and go for the librem 14 and have it by christmas, not gonna name who or why as i am grateful for the voucher that paid for basically the baddest version of the road warrior ,so essentially i only paid 50-100 dollars for the most pimped out version.

I fully understand and expected delays i was just wondering if they had given an update (and in the first reply there was one,but i think its very optimistic… with corona that nobody planned for i would expect a much further delay).

But this is not a jab at purism by any means ,i meant in general, dont announce when something will ship unless you already have the product in stock,ready to ship… if its still being assembled its way to early to promise christmas shipping especially.

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Hi all,
and thank you very much for your patience. I know how disappointing delays are - we all want our ‘toys’ as soon as possible and especially during the holidays.

The current world wide situation with ‘consumer electronics’ is getting worse every day. Now the fallout of the pandemic is trickling down the supply chains, stock is getting super low at distributors, semi conductor manufcaturers have reduced their output and some of them went out of business alltogether. This makes parts sourcing a total nightmare right now, parts brokers fight for the remaining parts and lead times are rising - just as an example NXP just announced that they expect lead times for their parts to rise from about 18 weeks, which is bad enough already, to 26 weeks or more! That’s more than half a year!

For a new product, which the L14 is, we need to build that supply chain and had some hickups on the way, I’m afraid. That’s why it takes yet longer than already announced - and please rest assured that we are at least as disappointed as you are. The other problem we face is that not being able to travel to suppliers and factories makes product development a real pain and takes a lot longer than we are used to. You can not just be on site and talk things through and sit there waiting for execution or guide execution while being on site. Instead you have to wait from remote for intermediate results, try to evaluate them as good as possible and proceed. Where you would have physically touched the product we now often have to judge it from pictures, video conferences or CAD drawings and only see physical samples once shipped to us. All that takes longer, a lot longer.

BUT it’s not all lost, we’re getting there and making progress. The final version of the PCB is finally in production now, we have sourced all parts (most importantly the CPUs but also other hard to get components), the mechanical parts are in production and we have everything lined up. If all works out as planned right now we expect the products to leave the factory by the end of January.

Again, please accept my heartfelt apologies for that. This was not at all our plan, but the global situation forced us into this really very unfortunate situation - which is also not at all nice for us either. Having to deal with ever growing delays is also very very painful for us, this is not the way we want to do business, not at all.

So with that, I hoope you can nevertheless enjoy your holidays, stay safe!
All the best


Thanks for that update, that was very helpful! One thing I note is that you’re expecting the shipping to happen before the Chinese New Year, which is great.

EDIT: Or, never mind, I see that final assembly is in the US, which means Chinese New Year is not particularly relevant.

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Thank you! Again as i stated this was not a jab at purism nor was this unexpcted with corona, i just felt that maybe if an update stated without mentioning any specific date and referring the reason for not referring a date of shipping,as the new date also seems overly optimistic, to instead an update like yours reffering to a supply cgain subject to the global corona virus and the same demand for product/parts but less output would atleast cause me less questions than dates missed and purism (or any company atm facing supply issues) having to potentially explain multiple delays.

I knew corona was going on and christmas was a goal (of yours) bit a garauntee and i by no means want to come off as disgruntled or anything.

I just wish many companies including Purism would hold off on announcing anything as far as when an item will ship etc during these uncertain times. For both our sakes,and i imagine dissapointment is always greater at the company than with me if a deadline made official,is missed. So it might boost internal morale to just say “Corona, parts hard to find,taking longer, new shipping date to be announced when we have one” both for your sake and customers as i think everyone can understand that. Atleast if you are in any field of manufacturing(not just IT).

Also of course,enjoy your holidays, I dont care personally if my road warrior arrives in July. You always deliver and always answer emails promptly. Thank you for your reply!


There’s a few things that are a bit frustrating about this message.

  1. This “toy” language is more than a little grating in the context of something that cost a few thousand dollars. I’m sure I’m not alone in needing this device for my work. I’m not going to be playing D&D on it. It’s not really like I’m being impatient about a new transformable robot. This is like the best infrastructure of our lives and I opted to not by something I get immediately in favor of supporting Purism’s mission. Waiting till December was already a stretch.

  2. It would be great if these updates would just come to the people who have already paid for this directly via email rather than tucked away on the forums, which I only visit when my frustration reaches a significant enough level to go hunting.

  3. There’s no real timeline here. “Leave the factory by the end of January.”
    Cool beans. No clue how long it takes to ship from wherever. Get repackaged for shipping. Get them sent out.

While everyone knows that timelines are difficult to estimate accurately, the attempt would be appreciated. Based on this it’s looking like something we expected in December won’t show up till March at the earliest.

Currently guessing May is more likely based on the evasive language and the track record.


Many months ago, when my Dell laptop died, I decided to replace it with a libre one, so I went for a Librem14.

Since then I have been using an accursed Samsung Galaxy device. A tiny display doubling as keyboard and a lobotomized OS. It is painful to use, for months, with no end in sight, so the "toys" phrase is quite a turning of the knife.
PCs are not "toys". It is how I keep contact with the people in my life, how I watch lectures and study, shop for groceries, order my prescription drugs, get doctor appointments, fill government beaurocracy forms, pay the bills, and I don’t remember what else.

And it would have been nice to get direct to e-mail updates about the pre-order, too.


Yes I’m thinking that Purism is run by mostly technical type people as their PR department is sorely lacking in its ability to communicate effectively with folks that already given them their money and received nothing yet in return.

Still, I’m trying be patient and hoping they begin shipping to customers in the next 2-3 weeks, meaning the last week of January, since there has no updates since they stated that in December to make customers/investors think differently.


I’ve held off from preordering the Librem 14 since there seems to be no decisive date for shipping. Seeing how it has been delayed multiple times already raises concern. Nicole’s response gives me even less confidence that Purism can pull this off. It sounds like they have not even finalized the product design yet. I would rather see them delay it 6-8 months than rush to get it out by February if it means less time for QA and security auditing, such as hiring a red team.

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You are why I’m in a job where I don’t have to deal with customers.


Oi friend, you crossed a line here that made people flag your comment for deletion. I’m going to leave that as an example of when you should stop and think before typing on this forum.


Care to either explain here what that line was or drop me a PM and explain it to me there?

The flag was filed under “inappropriate”, and reading your comment I can see how it can be taken for a personal attack.

Hello and thank you for your answers,

I live in Paris and i had need this Purism 14 for work.
I understand the problems encountered with the current situation. However for x reason the shipments will not be able to be shipped at the end of January would it be possible to consider a full refund?


Hi all,
waiting for my Librem5 phone (in theory end of January), I was looking for a laptop like ‘Road Warrior’. Just to know, how long are you waiting to receive it?

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I don’t think it’s proper to place “how it’s interpreted” above “how it’s intended,” as that makes me guilty until proven innocent. Further, I’m being somehow corrected solely based off of another’s subjective interpretation of my words.

I’ll spare the lecture because this isn’t my thread (I’m only responding here because you chose not to PM me). Suffice to say I should have at least been given a chance to explain myself before being publicly made an example of by a Purism employee on a Purism website.

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