Librem 14 "Road warrior" deliveries when?

I replied to ensure the policy imposed on forum posters is transparent, not to single you out. Sorry if that’s how it ended up.

While interpretations are fickle, intentions are fickler. I can’t practically moderate based on intentions only. I’m open to further discussion, but let’s go off this thread.

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Perhaps your comment would better be: I’m glad I’m in a job where I don’t have to deal with customers.

I think pretty much anyone who has ever had to deal with customers has thought along those lines at some time or other.

At the end of the day though, Purism could definitely do better with communication i.e. communicate directly with customers who have paid money and are waiting for their device (that was one of the points being made) - and Purism would want to do better with estimation as they seem to be generally on the optimistic side. Optimism is not necessarily a good thing when setting customer expectations.

The Librem 14 looks like a sweet laptop - would have bought one myself if I had needed a laptop - and I hope it ships soon for the benefit of those customers who are waiting.


I’m thinking of getting one myself, but I’d like to see what the real-world battery life is like first. I’ve also been looking at System76’s Lemur Pro, but Intel ME is not disabled yet on that one, I believe. No…?

System76 has stuff ready now, but I went with this because I liked the idea of the physical switches and wanted to support strong privacy hardware…


However, it is available
Which is compelling

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I just wish either of them (Librem 14 or System76 Lemur Pro) offered a slightly higher res screen than 1080p. Keeping my fingers crossed the Librem 15 makes a refreshed comeback later in the year and isn’t gone for good.

I’m not sure if ME is disabled on the Lemur Pro, but I know System76 has been working and has disabled it on some of their models.

However, the biggest difference to me (even though physical disable switches are big) between the Librem 14 and other laptops in the same category or larger is that the Librem 14 can be loaded with up to 64gb RAM. I don’t know of another laptop that can do that let alone a a 14/13" one.


Agree 100%, this is not a toy for me. My System 76 died & this is a replacement for my work. These delays are making me use an Android phone which is not easy or efficient. Please keep us better informed as to delivery. Thanks

So are the 14’s still planning on shipping in January? Seems all has gone quiet on that front? No updates?


I don’t think they’re shipping in Jan. As it stands they’re supposed to ship at the end of January, but according to an employee in this thread they just started production of the PCB’s. There’s no way it goes through production and is shipped in 2.5 weeks; heck it’d be difficult to get the laptops shipped, sorted and in stock in the US wearhouses in 2.5 weeks if it were shipped out of China today. I’m excited too, although my current laptop has been really struggling and if they keep delaying it I may need to cancel. I wish we had a better estimation of when they’ll ship but this is really all we have, and going off this you’ll probably be lucky to see your laptop by late Feb. Librem 14 "Road warrior" deliveries when?


I’m having trouble with the same things.
I sent purism an email to ask whatsup with librem 14, and why don’t I get any info? I’m fine with delays, but just let us know. But maybe I missed an email?
They said they don’t contact people personally, that I had to check te forum.
I said that it would be kind, since we gave you our trust and money, to at least communicate that you won’t be communicating :slight_smile:

I know they do the best they can, and had a lot of issues due to the pandemic, but hiring someone to do communication wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

I’ve been recommending purism to a lot of my friends, but I kinda stopped with that. Why?
I emailed them in September to ask if they have foreseen any delays for the librem 14 because I needed the laptop for my work. Otherwise I would buy the librem 15. They said ‘no everything was on schedule, shipping in October. So I ordered librem 14 and two weeks later the first delay announcement was made…
Some credibility was lost immediately…

Again: I have no problems with a delay but please communicate about it. Not in a blog, not on a forum, but to people who already paid.


Hi there,
i too did not order a Toy, but a Machine to do my Daily work on… and i did it for a reason, because my old laptop is not doing the job anymore. So i realy would like to have my machine sooner than later.
That being sayed, i can wait as long is i know why i have to wait, and for how long i have to wait.

Your infomation policy is realy bad. I as a paying Customer expect that you will inform me directly if there is a delay. And not only arent you doing that, it is even hard to find any information at at. The last Blog Post / twitter post is from the beginning of December! since then you posted only about the Librem5, noting about the Librem14… i am realy upset by that.

So far so, that i even started to consider asking for a refund. And that dispite the fact that i could not find any other laptop that i would like to buy, that fits my needs as good as the Librem14 WOULD if it would see the light of day.

So PLEASE kepp us informed about what is happening and about a propper Timeline.


I have already written it in another post and find it sad that Purism has not responded to it. I will cancel my order.


It looks like a reasonable criticism, but I fail to see how it leads to a cancelled order. It’s not a fault of Purism that they had to delay the shipment and even if they call it “a toy” (in quotes!), they still do everything to ship as soon as possible.

I am convinced that Purism will deliver the Librem 14 and that it will also be a great laptop. But for me, it is not just the product I buy that counts. It may sound stupid, but when I see the other posts here (and on other pages) I am no longer sure if I really want to buy the Librem 14.


Emails are going out (atleast i got one that shipping will begin in february). I assume that does not mean everyone gets it in february,i ordered somewhat late compared to a lot and i hope mine ships in february but i can see how they would ship mostly in order of when you paid. Thats only speculation though.

This is a link to the blog post

And this is what the email i got read (i excluded all the info thats in the blog post and my name):

"Dear John Smith

In short: Shipping starts in February with extended battery.

Before shipping you will be contacted by email to verify the shipping
address. A shipping time frame for your order will then also be provided.

Please read on for more details and reply to this email if you still
have questions."

I hope people who ordered had/have a bit more patience.
My post stirred up a great deal more passion than i neccessarily intended, i mainly wanted to know if there were updates i had missed or if they could update us on delays etc ( i know someone who used to work high up for dell,acer,plantronics etc but all supply chains across various industries are affected ). I feel like i got that information clarified earlier in the thread though people took offense to the word “Toy” i think it was not meant as anything demeaning but rather how everyone who is into their tech,IT,or other interests cherish their product beyond what average joe or jane does.

No matter, I am pleasantly suprised with the update and the email, i had personally thought initial deliveries might be delayed to late spring.

On a personal level i have recieved a great deal of help with previous orders and good communication from the team so i hope nobody here got riled up to the point of anger,or being offended.

Thanks for all the feedback everyone, and it seems that even though we all want things to move at warp speed,despite the issues with chokepoints like chips and other parts that have only one or a couple manufacturers/suppliers, People might see their librem 14 in february sometime,and people like me who backed a little later may still see it shipped in february, but if not, likely not far behind.

/Jon Kovach


Has anyone on here actually got a shipment notification? Today is the last workday in February and I just doublechecked… I have not.

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Oh so they emailed us all to say we’d get notifications in February but then when that fell thru…
blog post

Guys: I appreciate the desire to avoid spamming users, but… we already bought the thing. We want updates about the things we bought.


@Kyle_Rankin said more delays, shipping to begin sometime in March but he won’t be more specific. So I imagine the first emails will go out in the next week or two but honestly I don’t believe anything until I actually see it LOL

There’s always a lag between the blog post and an email to people that’s based on the blog post. Sometimes it’s a few days and sometimes it takes a week or longer. We do intend to email each person who pre-ordered a L14 with the blog post update, however.