Librem 14 "Road warrior" deliveries when?

why are mid july people still not getting shipping notifications but an august person got a shipping notification? D:


I ordered on July 8 and I just got my tracking number this morning.


I actually really like this, it allows those whom don’t read the purism news to see the higher price before it is implemented and in turn presents the price change proactively to more people.

Sure it’s not perfect, but I think this is very reasonable.

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I was thinking maybe depending on configuration of non-battery components and shipping location it might differ? I asked yesterday whether changing my configuration would ship mine sooner, all I got in response was:

I am sorry for this slower paced shipping. We are still working trough our backlog.

Your device should ship in the next 30 days.

Haven’t got a shipping notice yet, July 20th.

That’s what I want to know too.

It depends from the date of the feedback received from support about your confirmation of your address, id est how quick was your reply to confirm your address:

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I ordered July 5th but no shipping info yet for me :frowning: I sincerely hope they didn’t base them on the reply to the address confirmation or whatever because that’s lame :stuck_out_tongue:

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Your email was replied to yesterday. It was my fault that it was not replied earlier. I am sorry for that.


@joao.azevedo I would imagine that the first and only pallet received would all be identical and all require the same hotfix, no? So a safe assumption is everyone getting theirs from this first pallet (the only ones Purism has right now) will have hotfixes?

Maybe because the person that was supposed to reply to it (me) took too long due to several reasons, but at the end of it replied (even if with a delay)

Maybe because we have stuff like:

  • Work schedules
  • Try to rest on weekend
  • Trying to work on several fronts: L14, L5, Librem Mini, assemblies, shippings, repairs
  • Doing stuff like; checking incomplete addresses from clients, trying to contact clients that have not replied to emails about the shipping of their Librem 14

But I would love to hear your theory.

I’ll PM you about that


Is this the thread where we publish if we got a delivery date set? Here’s another one, then: mine arrives to a certain country in the middle of Europe on 10th of May. Delivery confirmed on the fifth.

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Could you tell me when did you pre-order and what day did they ship your device? Thanks

Yes thank you for clarifying your list of reasons/excuses as to why you can’t do things on time. Well done. :rofl:

So instead of explaining your theory like I ask, you just try to doge it by insinuating I am making stuff up about the work that is done by me and my colleagues? Troll style?

Well done…


I’ve noticed your go-to response in any kind of debate is to reinterpret the other’s words to fit your argument. It’s like moving the other player’s pieces in chess. If you need that much help to get your point made, that ought to tell you something about the point you’re trying to argue.

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How did I insinuate you made stuff up? Wasn’t my intention at all.

Like most on here. It’s the whole free speech thing I guess.

In my opinion, with this:

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Probably because it sounds gloatingly. Of course there is potential of misinterpretation.

Well then please accept my apology, wasn’t my intention, and my smiley face didn’t help apparently…and I almost did another one here!

And by the way, can you answer my question I asked earlier about all the current stock having/needing the hotfixes?