Librem 14 "Road warrior" deliveries when?

Oh so they emailed us all to say we’d get notifications in February but then when that fell thru…
blog post

Guys: I appreciate the desire to avoid spamming users, but… we already bought the thing. We want updates about the things we bought.


@Kyle_Rankin said more delays, shipping to begin sometime in March but he won’t be more specific. So I imagine the first emails will go out in the next week or two but honestly I don’t believe anything until I actually see it LOL

There’s always a lag between the blog post and an email to people that’s based on the blog post. Sometimes it’s a few days and sometimes it takes a week or longer. We do intend to email each person who pre-ordered a L14 with the blog post update, however.


I’m slowly dying


3 days left in March. No email. No updates.
Has anyone gotten a notification their Librem 14 is shipping?

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Check this thread:

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Yes, lots.

Hey :slightly_smiling_face: Has anyone received a response to their shipping information feedback yet?

On 26 March I received shipping information email, then I corrected my address and they confirmed correction on 6 April.
Not yet a tracking information email.

I don’t believe anyone with orders placed after July has received a shipping address confirmation email?

I ordered Aug 7 and have not received an email verifying address information, thus I believe your question to be an accurate assessment.


I ordered mine Aug 3rd and got an email.

Good to know. I ordered Aug 15, nothing yet for me.

I ordered it at the beginning of October, and according to the email I received, the shipments for this date should be scheduled for late April early May.

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This may just be a canned response. I got similar information despite pre-ordering in July.

it was the support manager after having writing them (this is what I had written)

I thought @Kyle_Rankin stated there would be another email update last week concerning the shipper issue? I haven’t received anything.


oh wait…


There is an expression “once bitten, twice shy.” Well after having been bitten 5 or 6 times, I’m approaching communications about shipping with a bit of skepticism. We got shipping arranged last week and then today got a notification that they got bumped a few days to a different flight. International shipping is pretty crazy (and frustrating) right now.

At this point instead of notifying people when I get shipping confirmation that could change (as just happened) I’m going to wait until we have the actual laptops in our fulfillment center. That way if there is some unexpected customs delay, some flight delay, or anything else crops up I won’t have to post yet another correction.


Thanks for the update @Kyle_Rankin.

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