Librem 14 - Supported Ram?

Anyone know what RAM clock speed will be supported by the Librem 14?

For bonus points, think there will be enough clearance to fit the 8tb Sabrent NVME drives with its dual sided chips?

Well not that RAM speed makes any noticable difference in 99% of real-word scenarios but the Intel site for the Librem 14’s listed CPU says this: DDR4-2666, LPDDR3-2133, LPDDR4-2933

Agreed. I want to buy ram that works rather than ram that is fast. Is the ram speed set by the CPU or set by the chip set on the motherboard?

I believe it is set by the memory controller which is in the CPU nowadays (but I could be wrong).

Can we get confirmation on Morgan’s point regarding the memory controller on the CPU being the limiting factor?


Thank you for answering this, and I’m sorry to re-kindle an old flame… but does this mean that I would not benefit from sticking some DDR4 Ram at 3200 MHz into the Librem 14 as the fastest ram is “supports/makes use of” is 2666 HMz. Thank you! :]

that is correct, if the memory controller doesn’t support the higher speed, then worst case you have higher latencies for no reason (best case the controller negotiates lower ones at the slower clock speed)


Which module type / size do I have to choose? I consider putting 2x32GB in. I found two kits only where the modules are very high, probably not fitting into a laptop.

And I can’t find LPDDR modules. Are these soldered on only?

on AMD motherboards in the UEFI settings on the AM4 platform i can select what latency i want @ any given speed and overclock/underclock accordingly … is this possible currently ? if not will it ever make it’s way into SeaBIOS/Coreboot/Pureboot on Purism products ?

no to both. there’s really no mechanism to control that, and definitely not to provide a user interface to tweak such settings.

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