Some Librem 14 hardware specs

Here a list of specs I found browsing the forum incl. source (no guarantee whatsoever though)


two (dual channel RAM - 2x16GB is faster then 1x32GB) SO-DIMM 260-Pin with 64 GB total max, supporting DDR4-2666, LPDDR3-2133 and LPDDR4-2933, no ECC support


PCIe 3.0 from that thread
Configurations 1x4, 2x2, 1x2+2x1 and 4x1
Take a look here and here for SSD speed considerations


CPU supports three displays (laptop lid and two external via 1 x USB-C/DisplayPort 1.2 and 1 x HDMI 2.0)
You can look up max resolutions and refresh rates here to choose a matching monitor and where to connect it.
DisplayPort over USB-C can get a bit tricky if you use a hub since it might need to share bandwidth with a USB device connected to the hub. So if you want to connect a device using USB3 SuperSpeed to that hub you will only have two of the four DP lanes available, hence half the refresh rate or resolution. (Out of some reason you can either use 4, 2 or 1 lane - not 3 of the 4 available lanes) USB2 devices will use separate pins and shouldn’t influence video bandwidth.

Feel free to correct me or post additions.


That’s pretty accurate, thanks :slight_smile:
Just wanted to add one more thing concerning RAM when making your choice. 2 SODIMMs can use dual channel then if the two SODIMMs are of the same type. This can be beneficial if you run applications that need a of memory bandwidth or if you run one or multiple high res screens at high refresh rate. Since the DDR4 RAM is also used as video memory there will be more bandwidth left for the system.
But also take into account power consumption. DDR4 RAM consumes quite some power and using two SODIMMs increases power consumption quite a bit (I can not tell exactly how much though).

So it’s a trade off - more RAM bandwidth vs. less power consumption



thank you for making the summary input !

with DDR4 RAM in the case of the L14 it doesn’t matter that much if you use higher frequency RAM module(s) since the L14 has an intel-CPU with intel-integrated-GPU instead of an AMD APU (where choosing a higher frequency RAM module(s) could impact performance in both the CPU AND GPU ! )

do we KNOW for SURE that the L14 that will be shipping soon (hopefully), WILL support 64 GB in 2x 32 GB RAM module configuration ???

Nicole Faerber is Purism CTO, she confirmed the specs, so yes, 2x32 GB should work.