Librem 14 Thoughts From a CG Artist – Purism

Having just stumbled upon that post, I had to see if there was any talk of this on the forums. Let me tell you I think that’s a brilliant idea. It’s not just that owners become a “passive promoting medium”, as you pointed out in that article. It also promotes consumerism by turning the object into a fashion accessory.

Having that white apple on the lid is fashionable, fashionable people own devices with that apple on the lid, so if I want to be fashionable I must also have that apple on the lid of my device. And bonus points if the design changes with each generation, because then it’s not just that logo on the lid, but also the design clues that give away whether I’m affluent enough to own the latest and greatest, or just a wannabe that runs 5yo hardware instead of upgrading, despite that 5yo hardware still serving me perfectly.

Of course, lack of branding itself may also become a fashion statement. “Look at me, I can afford this thing whose manufacturer is so confident in their quality they don’t even bother to put their brand or logo on the thing”. :wink:


yes but Purism does NOT design it’s own CPU chips like Apple does … however be that as it may i want my back lid to say “investing in people since 2018” :mask:

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And you have options. You could have it engraved, laser-etched, have a vinyl cutout or custom sticker made, or you can take a felt tip pen, a rattle can, or a paint-laden paintbrush to it. Etc, etc, etc… You can make it as large or as small as you want, you can put it wherever you want, in any orientation you want… Your lid is a canvas. Go be an artist! :wink:

Careful man, or you might just rationalize yourself into not buying anything, like ever.

Going by past and present experience, that will only happen when I need to start saving up for a bigger house to store all my stuff… :wink:


On a similar note, because it affects another project I’m working on, will Purism be able to release the Librem 5 case design? Or is it something that was outsourced and the company doesn’t have access to? In the orignal batch announcement, Todd said that batches Aspen-Dogwood would have machined cases, which implies small-batch manufacturing and the existence of a CAD file, presumably one that could be edited for batch-to-batch alterations. I mostly want to know so I can stop hassling people about the CAD file if I can’t get it :wink:

it would be useful to have the cad file of Evergreen to be able to make the cases.

All of the designs (PCB and otherwise) are ours. I don’t know when we will release them though.

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in my case that only happens when i move to a LESS bigger house … :rofl: