Librem5 silicone cover

@reC I love reliable, even absurdly reliable things - to keep the phone intact, even if I break into a pancake. Such covers at all manufacturers have similar prices. And if the case has additional options, then I do not refuse them.

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If currently exists interest in something like this (please make sure this is something that counts at the first place) as one or more battalion commanders can arrange this easily. Rest of us can only benefit from such decision (even though that I’m quite sure that I don’t need aluminum bumpers on my L5).

Since I myself don’t even have an L5 yet, this is something I would be interested in organizing in the future if we run a poll or something that shows there is enough interest.


I was not clear, your willingness to move ahead, take your time and make something happens is not questionable and deserves my respect. Yet, some kind of very narrow specialized logistics is asking you politely: “make sure” to pay in advance at least $13750.00 for minimum of 250 aluminum frames. Well, my hope is that they already preordered several L5 phones as they wish Purism to succeed, like to cooperate with them and eventually see them as someone that can make replacement for back-cover, whatever, something adjusted to L5 (because I’m not seeing slide-in case as a good solution). Also, last time avoided to say, cannot afford something that might cause additional heating issues. Please don’t take me wrong, IMO, it is about You as a head in this coordination, and not Juggernaut.Case.

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Most likely, the L5 phone will heat up more than regular phones. Therefore, the warm surfaces of the phone should be as open as possible for cooling, and this should determine the design of the case. It is even possible to provide a removable cooler for long operation with the monitor. But there are two problems: whether the manufacturer will agree to the construction of such a design and whether we agree to pay for it, because it probably will not be a housing for $50. In any case, these questions cannot be asked or solved without a real phone.


We dropped a link to this repository in the developer documentation yesterday. The designs are best effort and some are quite old, but they might help people get started with new designs.


I have a design almost ready to go, that I have been working on for a while. I am currently updating it with the approximate dimensions of the Birch design, which is the one I have the best images for. I cannot get the dimensions of the phone case, though I understand this not being a priority for the stretched-thin Purism staff. I have posted the design here if anyone wants to contribute. I have also discussed with people the most economical way to make the cover out of TPU (hard flexible rubber) at 3Dhubs. It’s all here people – just need the final dimensions for my design and someone to manage the purchase! Having dealt with this sort of thing before, it would also be wise to print a one-off test round to make sure of fit before ordering a batch.


I would be down for one of these too…

Can anyone here who actually has a Chesnut or otherwise comment on how sturdy the phone feels compared to if they were going to drop it from various heights? I’m not actually suggesting you do this, just curious how you think it would fare.

I’ve had my Chestnut L5 for a little over a month now.

It feels pretty sturdy. I imagine the only damage from drops <1.5m would be scratches. Certainly if it fell face down onto a rock or other uneven surface, I could imagine the screen breaking but if it landed on any part besides the screen I think the screen would survive. When I shake it, the only thing that seems to move is the kill switches that are a little bit loose. The WIFI and Cellular modules and associated antenna connectors might be weak points because they are removable but even if something were to come loose, I think it would be a simple matter of reconnecting/reattaching.

So, I feel pretty good about the phone. I would certainly purchase a case if possible but mostly for the scratch prevention.


@david.hamner has now produced a case (cover) for the L5 Evergreen. Direct link to .stl file here. I think it would be printable from TPM. David, will you perhaps comment on what has been done with this design, how well it fits, etc.? Direct link below:


This is at way to do it $23-28 USD (FDM TPU) It looks like it’d work. It’s

That plus this: much cheaper than Shapeways (especially since it does not have any complex shapes)

You may not want to be posting your email address though - assuming that’s your real email address.

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Purism when will you selling soft protective case to L5 in your store??
If you need an extra money then now is the moment to start selling purism premiun soft case to Librem 5 owners… :smiley:


Great idea. I’d buy one. Ideally, any case would take heat dissipation into consideration, too.


The libre phone (Librem 5) has 2 hot dissipation first using the front screen and then the metal of the edges.
A military form case or any to protect the L5 on falls will cool.
Please Purism take my money of selling case to protect the unique L5, i will buy 2 cases…


With integrated epoxy thermosetting polymer material (instead of using D3O® material, as related to my post #16 here) or even without this on edges implemented hard epoxy layer someone with registered shop (like FLOSS Shop) might ask for (request) offer for certain number of protective cases for Librem 5 users (perhaps with some back slits as @ecs already responded in his post #23, perhaps intentionally covering camera and flash lenses but leaving main processor and battery compartment free/open for better cooling, as total of protective case material used might result in less weight and certanly in end price calculation, per piece of it).

If my proposal of any help, perhaps @guru or someone else have time (as I don’t) to take a look at how this might work out (and propose further steps) for some of Librem 5 owners if such protective case prepared through particular (relevant to linked manufacturer here) STL file and payed in advance through some particular Shop (talking more or less about EU protective case customers for Librem 5 smartphone here, from Burghausen, DEU but requesting production for those wraparound cases in Ann Abor, Michigan, USA might be coordinated as well (see my post #16), as in details described here:

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Seems strange that Purism still doesn’t sell any actual cases, even if working with a third party to reduce risk of making it themselves. It is a high margin product many people want. In terms of existing solutions, a sleeve, whether waterproof or not isn’t a great option for 100% protection, and a 3D printed one would be too hard and bulky. If heat/reception is a concern, there are designs on other phone cases I’ve seen with gills that could help.

I rarely drop my phone, but managed to drop both of mine in the past week outdoors on stone. My Blackberry Key2 dropped with its silicone case for the first time, I heard a muffled thud, and it was if nothing happened, hence my investigation into silicon covers. My Librem 5 however now has a big gash in the corner.