Librem 14 - troubles with battery level indicator / charge treshold

I have no more battery level indicator in the small menu at the top right nor charging indication even with charger plugged. (PureOS Gnome 3.38.5). How could I restore it ?

I have also question about charge control treshold : I was told (by @joao.fonseca by mail sent to Mladen) to use the following command lines to set up charge treshold :
echo ‘90’ | sudo tee -a /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/charge_control_start_threshold
echo ‘60’ | sudo tee -a /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/charge_control_end_threshold
These commands return “Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type” (no such file or directory)
And there is no more BAT0 directory in “/sys/class/power_supply” (only “AC”)

Thanks for help.
Niveau batterie absent
(I hope I chose good topic, I hesitated with “PureOS” topic)

Seems the battery is not detected. I had that once a while ago. I had to open the laptop and unplug/replug the battery. Also, what EC version are you using?

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Thanks for your answer. What is EC and how can I know what version it is ?
I found this topic " Librem 14: How to fetch EC firmware version? but solution indicated doen’t work (return message “Could not find command-not-found database. Run ‘sudo apt update’ to populate it. fetch: command not found
I did upgrade and same message…
One step forward :sweat_smile: : I installed purism_ectool and got that :
board: purism/librem_14
version: 2021-05-25_3b5ef1e
On above mentioned topic, version is “1.9_2022-06-30”
So I suppose that I’d better update it, I’ve just got to find out how to do it :wink:

On this page you can download ec-1.10_2022-09-08.rom.gz

then unzip it with

gunzip ec-*rom.gz

And finally flash it, in a terminal, with:

sudo purism_ectool flash_backup ec-1.10.2022-09-08.rom

Note that Purism recommends a safer but more complicated method, since this technique will hard power off your machine just after flashing it. (but it should be fine :slight_smile: )

If you want to proceed this way, make sure you don’t have any intensive I/O task running on your drive, and close all other application.

That may or may not fix the battery not recognized, and you may still need to open the laptop and disconnect then reconnect the battery


:thinking: What a weird laptop that can forget its battery whose it needs to work ! :joy:

By that you mean this page ? " Updating Librem-EC on your Librem 14 " where it is asked to use a usb drive, an iso file etc.
That indeed looks more complicated (and I dont feel very confident to do that !)
But, by “safer”, :thinking: do you mean that the more simple method may brick the laptop ? As I’m quite far from US (and Purism…)

And what about the warranty ? I wouldn’t take that risk before I have the point of view from someone of Purism technical staff before ! (@mladen or @joao.azevedo, please !)
Anyway, thank you for your precious help !

It’s not more dangerous than a hard shutdown :slight_smile: but here you know and you won’t start a backup at that time for instance. I always do it this way, and I’m fine. SSD won’t physically break because of this, as it could happen on old spinning drives. Worst of the worst case would be data corruption, that would probably be recovered anyways.

But if you don’t feel comfortable, yes, follow the instructions from the link you mentioned.

Lithium-ion batteries are a tad more complicated than the batteries in your TV remote :slight_smile:

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Seems there are several issues, just reinstall the Operating System, then your battery indicator reader may work, then check the EC version.

The first thing to try is to unplug/replug the battery as I mentioned initially. Reinstalling Linux will have no effect here.

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:+1: I finally opened the laptop, unplugged / replugged the battery and the level of charge came back and also the files with start and end level for charge management !
I still have to upgrade EC firmware (I downloaded ec-1.11_2022-10-25.rom.gz… it has been updated since you posted info !)
Thanks for your help ! :pray:

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If you upgraded the EC first then not needed opening the case. Glad is working.

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EC 1.11 should fix this issue from happening again. what happened most liketly was that the EC crashed. EC 1.11 has a watchdog to prevent guru meditation like that


I finally did the EC update as explained. The time I decide to do it, i got a more recent version (1.11 2022-10-25). I managed to take a photo just before the hard shutdown, showing the steps of the process. I Dont know if it may help someone, but here is the photo.
Thanks for your help !Update-ec-Firmware

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