Librem 15 v4 with German keyboard?



Currently the Librem 15 version 3 can be ordered with German keyboard. When will version 4 of the Librem 15 be available with German keyboard?

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Obviously, they did not sell enough 15v3_DE to justify ordering 15v4_DE.
I guess the better question is: Will there be a 15v5_DE? (due maybe in about half a year)

And I assume this is only going to happen if they get rid of the 15v3_DE and see enough potential to sell the new one. The (probably) upcoming EU/Germany subsidiary might help with that.

I say, grab the sale. Impoves the likelyhood of future models to be available :sunglasses:


The v4 has a 4K display, the v3 has not. I personally regard this as a crucial point. So I‘d rather buy the v4 with English keyboard.

But is it really sure that there will be no v4 with German keyboard?


Just to be clear: please answer „yes“ then I will buy one of these marvelous pieces of technology and simply put German keyboard stickers onto it :+1::blush:


Just contact purism directly.


Thanks for the hint, I just wrote them an e-mail.