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I try to convince my company to buy Librem Laptops but as they are US imports and service is an issue. Do you have a partner in Europe which could be approached for any warranty issues, repairs or some such?



contact @nicole.faerber - she might know as she’s running which’s the german seller of Librem laptops

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I’ve translated it with an online translator

Why we no longer offer Purism products
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Why we no longer offer Purism products

In some online articles, we were referred to as the source of Librem laptops by Purism.

Since mid-February, however, we are no longer offering Purism devices.

As part of a reorganization of the customer service department and the opening of the new customer and dispatch center in Carlsbad, Ca, Purism management decided that all Purism equipment should be ordered exclusively through the Purism Webshop.

An overview of Librem devices with German keyboard.

When importing 19% import VAT must be paid for all devices. Zollt generally does not attract attention on computers / laptops or mobile phones.

Our tip: The extra charge for shipping with FedEX is worthwhile as FedEx takes over the registration with Customs.

Oh. I’m surprised. So no german contact anymore. That’s a pity. I think, i wouldn’t have ordered my Librem 13 in the US. Why? I’m not paranoid and don’t have to hide anything. But the last years showed enough evidence that the officials tampered a lot of electronics on the way to the customer. So for what reason should i buy a niche-product with the speciality of privacy, freedom and peace of mind if it can be modified during shipment (and the US has a reputation for doing so - a small shop finishing the barebone with components seems less likely to get tampered).

What’s happening, if a device becomes buggy? Send it to the US from Europe? Two bad ideas in one.


No. What @anon10067017 quoted is not wrong, but also not up to date.
Therefore, again:

This would be great. Maybe I can then convince my company to buy Librem Laptops.

Hi guys :slight_smile:
Handling the import, shipping and service through FLOSS Shop was pretty painful - you know the paperwork that comes with it, customs, tax etc… At some point it almost got out of hand which is why FLOSS Shop, in collaboration with Purism, stopped it. We are now working on a new clean solution without FLOSS Shop as middleman. How this will look like is not yet cast in stone - but what you suggesting is one of the options on the table.

For all existing laptops sold through FLOSS Shop, of course all liabilities and warranty will be handled through FS. Just no new sales ATM. Stay tuned, as soon as we finalize the plan and set it in motion there will be a public announcement. Be assured that we hear you.



Hurry, my notebook is about to die :wink: I was interested in the new 14" but wont buy from US because i don’t want to sent it to US for warrenty issues. I like the regulations in germany as well.

Maybe i am old school but i still buy books at my local bookstore and want to buy a notebook from a shop in germany.


Hi, I’d prefer a responsible shop of purism in Europe, too. Transports are done within acceptable time and with acceptable costs. A Librem Latop with german keyboard would be my favourite one! Plan B would be a Lenovo Laptop.



I only read this post now. I really hope that you will manage to set up a good collaboration with Purism. I’m pretty sure many potential EU citizens would prefer ordering in the EU over ordering in the US. Ordering in the US introduces sometimes unknown additional costs like taxes and shipping costs. Also for warranty or paid repairs, I would prefer to send my device to an EU based Purism re-seller. So, even when the price would be a bit higher than in the US, I would probably prefer ordering in the EU.

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Hi there,
Any news on this topic? Or has the idea been thrown in the garbage?

I had similar really bad experiences from ordering from the US; the company from which I ordered some books (very specific subject, I didn’t have any other alternative other than order it from the US company in question) had to send them 6x times over before I even got one copy in my hands and I had to wait for over half a year to get it! At one point, I really thought the company acted in bad faith even though they had a fair reputation!

So I definitely don’t want to run that risk again if ordering a Purism laptop! Unless there’s a viable and trustful way to do this, the idea of ordering one remains moot!

Also, on a related note; where does Purism stand concerning european keyboards?

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