Librem 15 v4 with German keyboard?


Currently the Librem 15 version 3 can be ordered with German keyboard. When will version 4 of the Librem 15 be available with German keyboard?

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Obviously, they did not sell enough 15v3_DE to justify ordering 15v4_DE.
I guess the better question is: Will there be a 15v5_DE? (due maybe in about half a year)

And I assume this is only going to happen if they get rid of the 15v3_DE and see enough potential to sell the new one. The (probably) upcoming EU/Germany subsidiary might help with that.

I say, grab the sale. Impoves the likelyhood of future models to be available :sunglasses:

The v4 has a 4K display, the v3 has not. I personally regard this as a crucial point. So I‘d rather buy the v4 with English keyboard.

But is it really sure that there will be no v4 with German keyboard?

Just to be clear: please answer „yes“ then I will buy one of these marvelous pieces of technology and simply put German keyboard stickers onto it :+1::blush:

Just contact purism directly.

Thanks for the hint, I just wrote them an e-mail.

Hey there did you get any response? I am also interested in the v4 for the same reason as you mentioned :slight_smile:

You can find refurbished L13 and L15 with German keyboard in the shop. It’s unlikely they’ll order new ones when they still have old models on stock.
I just got myself a refurbished L15v3 with German keyboard a month ago.

Thank you for the reply. Yes I saw them in the shop but as mentionedby StZ, I am also looking for the v4 and would rather skip the v3 :slight_smile: I think I d rather go with the US keyboard then and just use somethinge like this.

by the way, kind of hijacking my comment, but I am really close to buying a Librem 15, but I am kind of concerned about the potential wifi issues. what is the experience for you so far regarding this?

Well, there will be no v4 with German keyboard. The v4 came out a year ago.
Presumably, there will be a v5 soon. But as said, I don’t expect a German layout with it when they still have old ones they couldn’t get rid of.
About the wifi, for me it seems it got a bit better in comparison to my former L13v3, but that’s rather a gut feeling :slight_smile:
Definitely a weak point of the Librems. Some swap the module to a less free one or use a usb adapter I think. But I can live with what I have.

For some it wouldn’t be such an issue if ethernet were available.

A USB adapter could be WiFi or ethernet - depending on what suits.

or both separated by a mode/kill-switch in an open-hardware implementation i.e free-software firmware/drivers with a plug and go experience

my current isp plan allows a max 300 dl to 150 up (expressed in megaBIT/s) @ aprox 8$ a month so a gigabit dsl-broadband-ethernet connection is prefered to just 10/100

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Cute idea. Does such a USB dongle exist though?

i haven’t seen one such as this on the market yet but maybe someone is working on it …

there are 10/100 usb/ethernet adapters arround that are also fully RYF certified … i haven’t yet seen 10/100/1000 certified RYF yet only the pcie NICs that go into desktop/server boxes …

with stand alone wifi it’s the same … there are some nice RYF 300 megaBIT/s ones (also maybe even more)

but i haven’t seen them both combined in an external usb device yet …

usb type C could be an added bonus with a type A adapter included for wide® compatibility