Librem 5 apps and PureOS store

Are apps not listed in PureOS store? (I can install firefox-esr through apt install but couldn’t see it in store)
Also where are apps generally listed and installed from? (I’m guessing flatpak install from flathub)

Did you use the search function in the store (the magnifying glass icon)? The initial selection of apps you see in the store are only ones that have been adapted officially for the mobile screen. Although FF-ESR works pretty well on the L5, it’s not officially adaptive yet. Many other apps work with the screen, too, even if they haven’t been officially vetted yet. (It’s up to the user’s trial and error at the moment.)

Flathub is for installing flatpaks only. Regular PureOS apps come from its byzantium repository. Once you install Flathub, you can also access flatpaks for installation from the store UI, as well as through the terminal with flatpak install.

I certainly used search function (tried searching firefox and element).
I’ve tried both with ‘show incompatible applications’ checked and unchecked.
Search just returns ‘No application found’. Maybe I’m missing something?

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Hmmm… It used to be listed as “Icecat,” so you might try searching for that instead. If it’s not there, then I’m not sure why not. When I flashed from amber to byzantium, I think I, too, installed it from the terminal instead.

Good point about “Show incompatible applications.” I forgot to mention that before.

nope not even icecat.
I feel like I’m missing something silly. I do see apps listed when I click on ‘Socialize’ tab so apps are definitely there.

I guess it’s possible that the apps you searched for are not in the PureOS repo, but are available via apt (or Flathub, in the case of flatpaks).

I suppose (I’m using pureOS for first time so not sure what to expect). I should try installing gnome software center.
I’ve used pmOS and manjaro phosh on pinephone.

Run sudo apt update in the terminal and then take a look.

On PureOS “Preferences” you should activate “Show Incompatible Applications”, in order to see most apps

I should start at That seems to have few suggestions to get started. I’ll read through and get things setup first.

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