Librem 5 as Trackpad when plugging into a monitor

What if… When I plug my Librem 5 phone to an external monitor in the promotional video. The phone function as a trackpad? How cool would that be?


It’s a cool idea, I’d rather it wasn’t the default behaviour. I’m planning on using my Librem 5 with a Nexdock 2, which comes with it’s own trackpad. For me it would be better for the phone to still work as a phone while docked.

It could have a dropdown menu in the corner where you have an option.

I asked about it here but didn’t get much response.

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Wow the NexDoc 2 is ready for preorder for 229.00

Looks pretty cool . mount a carriage for the L5 on the back of the screen and L% is now a laptop ? SICK .