Librem 5, convergence and laptop extension

For people who move frequently NexDock 2 could it be an alternative solution to the 24 “or 30” Bundle kits proposed by Purism ?

Do another/alternative solutions exist ?


How the display of Purism’s bundles is connected to the L5. The spec of the L5 does not say anything about this.

Obviously via USB-C. More specifically, I think DisplayPort via USB-C. I think it was mentioned in the progress reports, but too lazy to look it up right now :wink:


Is it compatible with L5. Did anybody already test it with a devkit?

The dev kit dose not have the display port routed to the usb-c port. so testing thus things is not possible with the dev kit. we will hav eto wait for the final phone

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Nex Computer reply on the kickstarter forum : “If Purism’s Librem 5 supports displayport over USB-C it would work with NexDock.”
On Librem 5 FAQ, we can read : “Yes, the built-in display of the Librem 5 will be able to run alongside one other external display, via the USB-C connector (either HDMI Alt Mode or Display Port Alt Mode - TBD). However, the dev kits will have a separate HDMI port.”
Is the choice made between HDMI Alt Mode or Display Port Alt Mode ?
I can’t find any reliable information and only 5 days left before end of campaign for NexDock 2.


I have to say I am missing the ethernet connection at the nexdock :-/

However - can the librem5 transmit also keyboard, mouse, usb, etc. or only the display port or hdmi via USB-C?

As a radiation sensible person I would prefer not having to use e.g. bluetooth for mouse and keyboard while connecting a monitor with the librem 5 but using e.g. a docking station.

yes the usb c port on the librem 5 will be a full-featured usb3.0 (compliant port) with the added display related hdmi and dp bonus. We just don’t know the exact capabilities of the igpu inside - yet.

we are all radiation sensible people but that doen’t mean that sometimes wireless can’t be a useful thing. using wireless - from time to time - when there aren’t other practical choices around - will not kill us - and turns out to be an added benefit even though we probably don’t use it all the time (it’s good to have just in case)

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@maximilian, you can attach multiple USB-devices. But it’s not yet official whether DP or HDMI will be supported. See the official statement from Purism that @Heryan quoted.

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Is there any official statement Librem 5 can be used in conjunction with NexDock 2?

I’ve been eyeballing for this combo for quite some time for basic daily operations. It could be a perfect replacement for MS Lumia 950 with Continum.

Nex mentioning its compatibility with Librem 5 does not guarantee it will be when Librem 5 production version is finalized. I’m well aware there are several threads mentioning the L5+ND2, none of them to me are conclusive on the future compatibility.

The NexDock 2 uses DisplayPort over USB-C and has an HDMI input. I suspect that the worst that could happen is a USB-C to HDMI converter is needed.

Can you think of a reason they wouldn’t be compatible?

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As mentioned by Calig it’s not yet official whether DP or HDMI will be supported.

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If compatibility with Nexdock 2 can be confirmed and accessories (min. flip covers and screen protector) will be made available I’m just a click away from pre-ordering the Librem 5

As mentioned by Calig it’s not yet official whether DP or HDMI will be supported.

Yes, I know, it’s frustrating. My point is that the NexDock 2 supports both DP and HDMI.


I don’t think there will be any official statement on compatibility with specific devices before release. This would mean purism had to do testing and as far as i can tell they have a lot on there plate to deal with already. I don’t see them putting on more to do so. So they might confirm it later when the phone is out an resources become available for such things. Same goes for accessories.
In general i believe most of these kind of question can be answered with the question. Is it mission critical to make the phone and sell enough to make a business?
And i think for both, accessories and dock, its not at the moment.

So i think it unlikely we will get more than a: purism aims to deliver alt-mode with dp, usb host mode and charging. (which should be enough for nex dock)


Received NexDock reply

From: NexDock Team
Sent: Monday, October 7 2019 12:34
To: Edwin
Subject: Re: New Message From Turn your Smartphone into a Laptop

We did not test with Lumia 950 but it would probably work with NexDock since it supports video output via USB-C port.

NexDock TEam

On Sun, Oct 6, 2019 at 12:51 AM Edwin wrote:
Hi there,

_Awaiting the Purism Librem 5 smartphone it looks like I’m stuck with the Microsoft Lumia 950 for a while. _

The Lumia 950 supporting the ‘Continuum’ /desktop feature and sporting USB C I’m wondering if Nexdock 2 will be compatible with the Lumia 950.

Could you please confirm?

Thank you

Best regards,


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