Librem 5, convergence and laptop extension


For people who move frequently NexDock 2 could it be an alternative solution to the 24 “or 30” Bundle kits proposed by Purism ?

Do another/alternative solutions exist ?


How the display of Purism’s bundles is connected to the L5. The spec of the L5 does not say anything about this.


Obviously via USB-C. More specifically, I think DisplayPort via USB-C. I think it was mentioned in the progress reports, but too lazy to look it up right now :wink:


Is it compatible with L5. Did anybody already test it with a devkit?


The dev kit dose not have the display port routed to the usb-c port. so testing thus things is not possible with the dev kit. we will hav eto wait for the final phone


Nex Computer reply on the kickstarter forum : “If Purism’s Librem 5 supports displayport over USB-C it would work with NexDock.”
On Librem 5 FAQ, we can read : “Yes, the built-in display of the Librem 5 will be able to run alongside one other external display, via the USB-C connector (either HDMI Alt Mode or Display Port Alt Mode - TBD). However, the dev kits will have a separate HDMI port.”
Is the choice made between HDMI Alt Mode or Display Port Alt Mode ?
I can’t find any reliable information and only 5 days left before end of campaign for NexDock 2.


I have to say I am missing the ethernet connection at the nexdock :-/

However - can the librem5 transmit also keyboard, mouse, usb, etc. or only the display port or hdmi via USB-C?

As a radiation sensible person I would prefer not having to use e.g. bluetooth for mouse and keyboard while connecting a monitor with the librem 5 but using e.g. a docking station.


yes the usb c port on the librem 5 will be a full-featured usb3.0 (compliant port) with the added display related hdmi and dp bonus. We just don’t know the exact capabilities of the igpu inside - yet.

we are all radiation sensible people but that doen’t mean that sometimes wireless can’t be a useful thing. using wireless - from time to time - when there aren’t other practical choices around - will not kill us - and turns out to be an added benefit even though we probably don’t use it all the time (it’s good to have just in case)


@maximilian, you can attach multiple USB-devices. But it’s not yet official whether DP or HDMI will be supported. See the official statement from Purism that @Heryan quoted.