Librem 5 — Development Chronology

Wow, thank you for this very nice overview post.

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Awesome timeline overview! I have a lot of reading to do now :slight_smile:


wow ! is there a way to select all the links and make them each open in its own tab - all at once ?

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Wow, great post!

Use a browser extension or a userscript.


so glad you linked to . anyone interested for offline viewing can dolwnload a torrent. awesome !

bellow is the “channel” of purism SPC on archive"Purism+SPC"#

it’s shitty though that the website requires proprietary javascript for some functions …

if you don’t mind i’ll link to the L5-final-specs

@david.boddie, would be awesome if you could make this a wiki post, too. Would like add quite a few things :slight_smile:


I was waiting for you to ask. :wink:


Not to be annoying, but isn’t there one entrie missing from this already great wiki :rofl:


I found 7 to add and number 4 will blow your mind :wink:


some like to paint in their free time “others” meticulously create development chronologies for us lazy people :slight_smile: :hugs:


inofficial should be unofficial. no biggy :wink:


A new chapter has been opened in the Librem 5 chronology:

:champagne: :champagne: :champagne: Shipping & Refinement :champagne: :champagne: :champagne:


just seen it

say whaaaat ???


Thank you very much, Caliga :smiley:

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uh ! i’ve just discovered that i can edit your post. chicken blindness on my part :weary:
making typo corrections as i see them …

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Don’t you people feel bad now ? Losing you s#$t and making all these conspiracies up about Todd and crew sitting in a room saying things like " Ok , what do we do now ? When they get their devices they are going to realize they are made out of cardboard !! Then what ?? I dont know about the rest of you but I’m going to a non extradition country ! "

All that silliness . I was reading a thread last night and was thinking to myself " Damn this is like that one movie someone locks up 10 people in a room ( time spent waiting for your device to be delivered ) and then a voice on a loudspeaker comes on and says " Nothing is going on just wait 10 hours and you all go home " ( wait patiently for the device , we’re working on getting them out ) , So the people yell at the loudspeaker , why are you doing this , who are you ? ( time in between batch preference email and modem selection email )

But the paranoia is too great and the social fabric begins to deteriorate and the people one by one beat each other to death until there remains but one person and at the end of the 10 hours a click is heard and the door holding the once living group captive swings open (your librem 5 arrives in the mail ) . Then the last man standing feels pretty bad .


the centipede man is born …


The fabric of society has been pretty threadbare for some time now :frowning: That’s why you counter with force plus one at every detected incident and initiate preventative steps when possible. Quite honestly, I’m very pleasantly surprised and impressed with this community’s ability to self police :slight_smile:

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