Librem 5 Evergreen 2020?

Hi everyone,

So theres been some heated debates over the L5 recently.

I think or assume we all want the same thing, which is a L5 to run the essentials of a smartphone out of the box in the country we are in right?

So will this be the case by the end of 2020?

Or are we now talking 2021 at some stage?

Does anyone actually have a concrete date for their L5?

How confident are we to be holding an Evergreen by Christmas that we can use as a regular smartphone?

Thanks in advance


If Purism asked for your shipping address to send you Birch/Chestnut/Dogwood and you declined and postponed to Evergreen, then you get your phone in 2020. Otherwise in 2021. Discussion: Librem 5 shipping email.

Concerning the software, see:


I ordered late September '17 and don’t expect to see mine until mid’21 if at all

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admsjas you’ll get the phone if you’ve ordered one?


My impression is that Purism is measuring their phones-shipped-in-a-week for the first few weeks and then they will be more confident about schedules. As with any process, there will be teething problems and hurdles to overcome.

However since you don’t know your place number in the queue, that information doesn’t help you.

Some customers will have their L5 shipped by Christmas. I would guess that most (pre-orders) won’t.

Also, take into account that shipped ex-Purism doesn’t really tell you when you will get your phone, due to postal delays, customs delays (where applicable), …

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santa’ is probably wearing a chin-diaper this Christmas and probably NOT going to bring me my L5 just yet … plus i’m one of the late 2018 ones - what ?

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“Does anyone actually have a concrete date for their L5?”

I don’t have a concrete date but since I’ve ordered the (uber-expensive) USA version, I should take possession of by the end of Jan 2021, according to the mass production FAQ. For this category of buyer, this date is concrete enough for me.

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isn’t that what the lbry protocol is supposed to be ? there is also libre-planet but i don’t know if it’s decentralized or not … there is the GNU-net if i’m not mistaken but still needs work
there are also other smaller web-sites that do streaming and decentralized but i don’t know about FOSS specifically

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Yes, it would indeed be cool. PeerTube will enable live streaming this year (see step 4):


Peertube :slight_smile:

There are a lot of different instances, that can choose whether or not they see other instances (kind of like Mastodon).

A lot of them are at the “cat video” stage, but there are a few good ones.

This one, from the Blender folks, is cool.

List of instances are here. Though I don’t think this is a complete list.

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This certainly looks like a promising post


Love this some positive news :blush::blush::+1::yellow_heart:

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