Librem 5 factory reset

Hi guys!

I’m still waiting for my L14 to ship, and wanted a Librem 5 for a while, but because of the delivery times I’ve been scouting on ebay for a while. I managed to get one in Italy (I live in Europe) for a reasonable price and I just got a email from the local post office that they will delivery it tomorrow!

I haven’t checked anywhere yet, but is there a “factory reset” sort of function?

I need to duckduckgo it, but I assume there are schematics for the board as well somewhere, I wanted to check the whole phone before I start using it.



P.S. Is it the Evergreen version?


Awesome! thanks for the links

yes, it is the evergreen.

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In case you’re not aware of these:

The photos of the boards are from Dogwood. Nobody has published photos of Evergreen without metal shields (which cover everything important on the board). See the photos of Evergreen with metal shields over the chips:

I see a few minor differences between the Evergreen and Dogwood boards but they are pretty close.