Librem 5 Fir Batch

It would be Nice if Purism can integrate NFC-NXP-SN100 it is free hardware and free software module:

Librem 5 Fir

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  • Put all the Pin Test to easy use it.

  • Use it the Nokia N900 SIM Socket to Librem 5 Fir, the current sim socket is not good.

  • Reduce the thick, there is already room to reduce thick.

  • Integrate a built-in mini Fan into Librem 5 Fir to dissipate heat in Convergence Mode the purpose of this is to prevent the cpu enter on Turtle Mode to cool down the CPU, this will permit to run stable fast Pure System.

  • Scale 4GBs RAM

  • More Texas Instrument, Freescale controllers or Silicon Labs controllers, like NFC, RadioFM Transmitter-Receiver, Transmitter 1subghz controller.


Convergence mode means that you are not on the go.
When you are not on the go, what is the sence of having such functionality build in to carry around all the time instead of having an accessory docking station with cooling function.
Btw I was imagining an aluminium stand for Librem 5 out of a big block of aluminium precisely cut to fit Librem 5 and make a good contact. So virtually acting like a giant heat sink. Sometimes I put Librem 5 on a big steel pot to cool it down :slight_smile:

4 GB of RAM is a little too little nowadays. More RAM would open the topic of virtualization which is a huge thing for a security focussed device.

The thickness does not bother me. Realistically, Librem 5 will always need a huge battery.

NFC, RadioFM ect. all not essential functions useless for many users. Instead of built in such functions taking space, weight and costing money, I would prefer several USB-C ports so that one could plug in accessories in dongle format of own choice. So that you could use a RadioFM dongle. (Btw. I have never listened to a radio outside of my car for the last 15 years)
Also HDMI port would be sweet. There was a mini HDMI on Nokia E7. :slight_smile:
With a couple of USB ports and HDMI one would not need a docking station which is also huge. Because if I need to carry a docking station everywhere with me, then I would ask myself the question, why do I carry a phone and not a notebook instead. So with an HDMI port one could travel with Librem 5 and the charger and still enjoy convergence out of home.

So to sum up. My wish would be:

  • more RAM
  • 2 USB-C (one for charging and one for plugging in a dongle).
  • HDMI or micro HDMI port.
  • keep the opportunity to get rid of / exchange the WiFi/Modem modules. I read that this might drop and it would be a pity. As wireless technologies are the big weakness for any security device and it is nice if one could physically remove them.
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I don’t know the N900 Sim socket, but I have Sony Xperia 1 and their SIM socket is indeed better and can be opened without a pin, which is again a really good thing for security focussed device.
Opening the tray without a pin means that you can exchange/remove sim or SD card without an instrument in urgent critical situations. This makes totally sense.

So I agree on this one. The SIM tray can be improved.

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For on the go, i think is good the Passive Cooling to save battery. The Fan on Convergence More it is because the L5 it power feeding from Docking Station, so not worries for batteries saves.

It will help to cool down too, but fan built-in it better cooling the cpu from root to keep cpu run 100% stable.

It is not needed add aluminium. L5 already is smart engineered to passive hot sink.

I guess the L5 s.o.c only support up to 4GBs r.a.m.

Yeah current thickness is not bad, but i see room to reduce thick.

I agreed some user do not matter this funtions, but believe others user is whishing this cool funtions like me.

Many usb-c port on L5 will look a dock station not a phone, but this is just my perspective. We already have dock-hub station for the purpose.

HDMI is not good instead L5 already has a built-in DisplayPort onto usb-c. You just need THIS CABLE

Sound good.

I guess purism it working on this.

Yes you right that sony xperia sim socket it very good, but Nokia N900 sim socket it more cool.

I assume that Fir will have a more modern generation soc.

People have huge problems with finding a suitable docking station. One is not delivering enough power and L5 discharges, other flicker the display from time to time. And it is a bulky additional device.
I am talking about 1 additional USB-C. And one micro HDMI. That is not too much.

Currently we have only 1 USB-C port. So if you use such cable, you will have rapid discharge of L5.
So you would need at least 1 USB-C for charging and 1 USB-C and/or micro HDMI for the display.

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Not if they install that fan you’re talking about.

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I just tested connecting Librem 5 to an external monitor using a USB-C to USB-C cable. I used the original L5 cable from the L5 charger.
(It is a monitor that accepts either USB-C or HDMI as input sources).
It worked great without restrictions.
But as I mentioned earlier, this would discharge the Librem 5 faster. So I am definitely a proponent of a second USB-C port for Fir.
Normal smartphones have only one USB port, but people don’t use dongles and monitors with them. While L5 is a device which will profit more from an additional USB.

I not tested much the L5 built-in DP i not sure how much battery hungry.
So 2 usb-c port will looks rare on phone, 1 usb-c plus a mini hdmi will look better, but alternatively we can use a DC 2MM charger socket plus usb-c
dc 2mm old alternate charging method:

It does not matter how much additional power the DP uses. Even if it is zero. The goal should always be that one can leave home with a fully charged Librem 5 considering the low battery life.
So being able to power the L5 from the grid while using convergence mode so that the battery does not discharge is a must have.
USB-C for charging will be a EU legislation so charging with 2mm socket makes little sense.

Regarding what looks rare on a phone and what not. The 3,5mm socket is also rare nowadays. We are all in here for a rare phone anyways.

The HDMI in Nokia was behind a cover, so one could cover the extra USBs and HDMI if the optic is such an issue. :wink:

P.S. the Nokia used mini HDMI, the micro HDMI is smaller.


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I think HDMI may be ruled out for the time being on account of its requiring a blob.

Personally, yes, HDMI would be preferred to video output via USB-C because I have so many more devices that directly support HDMI but

  • I wouldn’t expect Purism to compromise their principles for the purpose of getting HDMI, and
  • it may be an unjustified and unreasonably disruptive redesign once you weigh the benefit against the cost.

If you want to do convergence today without a dock then an option is

  • Bluetooth for mouse and keyboard, and
  • USB-C DisplayPort to HDMI (or to DisplayPort, whatever your monitor needs) in basically a cable format.

Then you are just left trying to find some way to charge - which you already mentioned in your post.

Well I’m going to throw into the mix … a global module i.e. a module that does all the LTE bands.

That is less hassle for Purism, less hassle and confusion for the customer, allows the customer to go overseas, easier for the customer to sell the phone if that is something that the customer wants to do, …

Librem 14 and Librem Mini do have HDMI ports. So I would not rule them out for Librem 5.

Maybe not but here’s some reading matter: The i.MX8 cannot be deblobbed? (NXP-signed HDMI firmware) linked from

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Thank you for the reference. Interesting topic.
In such matters I would prefer the approach that the user has to have the choice. So just like with WiFi drivers in Debian -> not coming out of the box, but the user can choose to install them. Same for HDMI and Librem 5. Some user could prefer to not install the blobs and restrain from using the micro HDMI. Others could choose to install the blobs.

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But then you’ll have a lot of non-tech customers saying “I have to do what to get the HDMI to work? Never mind, I’ll just buy an iPhone.”

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It’s not that easy though because there will be customers who choose not to use a blob for HDMI, so DisplayPort still has to work (via USB-C or otherwise), so you have to find space for both connectors.

Maybe if Fir were a physically larger screen diagonal, so you get a little bit more edge real estate, and space to run wiring there …

If it were my choice, I would rather a second USB port (not on the bottom) than any type of HDMI port - even though if the need for a blob went away, I can totally see the benefit of using HDMI for video output in my environment.

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I would rank it:
First choice: 2 USB-C and 1 micro HDMI
Second choice: 2 USB-C
Third choice: 1 USB-C and 1 micro HDMI
Fourth choice: no improvement :frowning:

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Has anyone had anything from Librem about the fir batch? It seems to have been radio silence about it. The couple of times I emailed them about it, it was a don’t talk to us about it. I understand the electronics supply issues put a pin in all the plans, but they must have some thought on what they want to do next and what they want to happen before they start thinking about looking into it?


Is there any idea about how Fir should look like? I just read that the Soc will change as the current one was not made for mobile devices. Does someone know anything about the new Soc? And when will it be available? Purism will not change a lot. But if there are no open source drivers for this new Soc, then consider it to be later than sooner.

L5 Fir definitely must have an upgraded hardware otherwise I dont see any use for Fir.