Librem 5 Fir Batch

I would pay, again, if they incorporate “Delicious Design” somewhere in the name. Or have it etched in a script font diagonally across the back.

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On paper, the i.MX 8M Plus has 20% better CPU performance than the Quad (1.8 vs 1.5 GHz), but the Plus has half the GPU performance of the Quad (compare the Vivante GC7000Lite vs GC7000UltraLite). The Quad’s max video hardware decoding is 4K@60 HDR whereas the Plus only supports 1080p@60. The only benchmark that I can find is Geekbench 4 SGEMM (floating point performance in GFLOPS), where the Quad scored 12.0 and the Plus scored 14.0 (which is 16.7% better).

Yes, Purism could make a phone based on the i.MX 8M Plus, but it would have to add a HDMI-to-DisplayPort converter chip so it can output DisplayPort Alt Mode over USB-C or make a phone that doesn’t support video out. The Plus has a bunch of new components (neural processing unit, image signal processor, digital signal processor, advanced 3D audio and hardware video encoding), that will require new drivers, which is why I don’t think that Purism will bother with the Plus, because it will require a lot of work for questionable benefits, so I think that Purism will decide to wait for a future i.MX 9 processor where the extra dev work is justified.


I didn’t realize it had all the extra fancy stuff. I was thinking it could be more “phone” than “computer,” but clearly it isn’t designed that way.

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How about an LS1028A module like this one:

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IMO, this is not some usual issue with the Librem 5 (as calls should work right away), therefore I would replace SIM card if your current one years old. Get brand new SIM card from the same provider, with the same number. Such SIM card replacement might change things positively (at least to be tried if helps) as soon as replacement done (preferably without battery inserted).

I replaced mine approximately year ago and no issues since then with my Linux phone.

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If you read the complete page you will see also the following text:

the LS1028A module consumes around 30% more power than the default i.MX8MQ module and also generates more heat when the CPUs are under load

30% higher power consumption meaning a battery that dies faster plus more heat is a no go for the Librem 5.
I think this was the same story with many other components. There might be better performing alternative LTE modems or better performing WiFi cards. But most are designed for devices that receive tons of power and cooling and are not suitable for a mobile phone.


Thanks for the advice. My SIM card is about 6 years old. I will try this.

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The Librem 5 couldn’t be picked picked off the shelf at Best Buy or Fry’s, or found by searching New Egg – it requires word of mouth or a specific search for a FLOSS Linux phone. IOW, you had to be a Linux nerd or a wannabe. Wannabes should be careful!

The L5 is 99% complete, with respect to hardware, lacking only some GPS antenna and/or shielding placement. Software is another thing, but as a bona fide nerd who reads the forums before he buys, I’m confident it will work out to my satisfaction.

Which is not limited to

I heard about the Librem 5 and Purism at the same time, by word of mouth, from a non technical friend that would very much be described as “average”.

IOW people that would be considered “average” absolutely did find out about Purism and the Librem 5 and the associated criticism is valid.

That sounds fantastic for you.

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30% more power for 50% to 100% more performance means an LS1028A is more efficient than an i.MX8M. On battery the cpu could be run at lower frequencies, while connected to a power source one would benefit from the extra power and memory.

I would certainly opt for an LS1028A for the extra memory alone, as I find the 3GB of the Librem 5 too little for full convergence.

The MNT Research page says that the single core performance of the LS1028A is 1.5 - 2 times the i.MX8MQ, but the i.MX8MQ has 4 cores, so it should have roughly the same or a little better multi-core performance than the LS1028A. I suspect that the 30% greater power consumption is for multicore use, which would mean that the LS1028A is less power efficient per unit of work than the i.MX8MQ. Both are 28nm chips, but the I.MX8MQ is a year newer and has more features than the LS1028A. (From what I have read, Samsung’s 28nm for the I.MX8MQ should be more power efficient than TSMC’s 28nm HPM for the LS1028A, but take that with a grain of salt.) I think with 16GB RAM, the LS1028A would be fantastic for the MNT Reform laptop, but it looks like a worse chip for the L5 which already runs too hot in my opinion.

I love the fact that we can finally have a true open hardware and RYF laptop with the LS1028A, but the high power consumption and propietary binary blob for eDP make it an unsuitable chip for the L5 in my opinion.

ARM has advanced quite a bit in its architecture since the Cortex-A53 and Cortex-A72 and 28 nm planar nodes from 2011, so I find it frustrating that these are the options on the table.


Mobian supports the oneplus 6 which runs the Qualcomm SDM845. Would it be possible for the fir batch to use that?
Would be a significant upgrade from the current chip even though it’s from 2018. If it has mainline linux support updates shouldn’t be an issue.

I honestly think Purism’s really gimping themselves by running processors that are really old. If they could get something like much newer and work on mainline linux support or use something that already has it. Granted don’t know how much work that is.

As far as I can tell, Qualcomm CPUs have a locked boot loader, and run some closed code in the secure domain.


I had already forgotten but please please Purism add 2 Professional speaker (left-right) into Librem 5 Fir.
Also reduce bezzel if possible. Make the Librem 5 Fir the best ever. You got it!
Why not? Add an Antiglare Antimicrobial CORNING GORILLA GLASS for Safety.


Is this really a high prio?
If one likes good sound quality, Smartphone speakers would always be bad, so for people who want to listen to good sound quality, they are going to use good headphones or pass the music to a sound system via Bluetooth/3,5mm jack.
So for me this topic would be much lower priority and far behind topics like better battery life and second USB-C/hdmi.

If one can’t have everything at the same time, one needs to set up some priorities.

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It’s all just a wish list. Some want an HDMI port, but others don’t; some want better speakers, but others don’t. No harm in asking, right?

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Besides, his request doesn’t invalidate anyone else’s.


For some exhaustive reason YES it is top priority. Current the L5 has one Mono low quality speaker. Fixing the sound on L5 Fir will cool.

A nice discrete HDMI support it already on L5. Why asking for more? Mobile Machines before usb-c they come a separate HDMI port, because usb 2.0 can not support direct hdmi like usb-c does.
Ejem: Nokia N8, Motorola Maserati. Etc… but i know what u want to do, so in the way adding a 2 mm charger socket to Fir will solve it.



Sure. I am not against putting it on the backlog. Just it is also useful to compare the topics on the backlog in order to order them.

I share my experience.
When I watch a movie on a notebook most of the time I connect a sound system via the 3,5mm port because notebook sound is usually bad. Regardless of some brand name like B&O or whatever written on the notebook. There is just not enough space for a proper sound hardware in a notebook. And when I have such experience with any notebook, I don’t even need to try to achieve much on a smartphone.

Not allowed in the EU anymore.

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Too Bad EU. Whatever the 2mm+usb-c still pirate permitted. :wink:

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